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Wild Caught: Film Facts

2006, DV Mini
01 hours, 29 minutes, Color
Description: WILD CAUGHT chronicles the lives of fisherman carrying out small scale, sustainable commercial fishing in the town of Snead's Ferry, North Carolina, and their struggles to keep afloat amidst a rising tide of cheap imports, stifling regulations, and coastal real estate development interests.
Featuring: Deo Langley, Deo Langley, Deo Langley, Deo Langley
Copyright: 2006, Matthew Barr
Filmmaker(s): Matthew Barr
Produced by: Matthew Barr with Alan Abrams
Cinematography: Matthew Barr, Andrew Parke and Barry Shea
Editing: Alan Abrams, Matthew Barr and Cristopher Holmes with Andrew Elias. and Kyle Hefner
Sound: Hsiao-Kang Chu, Max Negin.
Acknowledgements: Onslow County Museum, Bernice Guthrie, WCTI-TV, Habitat Media, The Topsail Voice, National Fishermen, Associated Press, Jacksonville Daily News, Wilmington Star-News. The Midgett Family, The Edens Family, The Norris Family, The Cowdrey, The Liverman Family, The Davis Family, The Thompson Family, The Swaney Family, Isabelle Sidbury, Bernice Guthrie, Donnie Millis, Nancy Edens, Clara & Carroll Norris, Scott Norris, The Abrams Family, Col. Harvey D. Bradshaw, Dr. B. J. Copeland, Dr. David Griffith, Everett's Seafood, T. Jerry Williams, Senator Marc Basnight, Anthony Fragola, Michael Frierson, Eric Patrick, Brett Ingram, Geoff Baym, Mike Ananian, Dr. John Lee Jellicorse, Julie Cullen, Dr. Loren Schweninger, Dr. Ron Hodson, Steve Cowan, Katie Mosher, Susan Larson, Charna Howson, Nancy Foster, Dr. Patricia Sullivan, Dr. Timothy Johnston, Dr. Susan Andreatta, Jerry Fraser, Brian Gillis, D. J. Erickson, Keith Billerbeck, Rob Cabana, Scott Davis, Ean Bartholomew, Dargan Frierson, Jon Ferdette, Glenn and Sherry Hudak, Woodie McDougald, Wayne Martin, Mike Jones, Jay McMerty, John & Caterine Barr, Annemarie Gero. Music composed by Pete Kellet. Music performed by Pete Kellet (guitar), Dave Wharton (banjo) and Steve Kroll-Smith (flute) Still photos by Matthew Barr

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