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United States Public Folklore: The Watershed Years: Film Facts

2008, DV Mini
57 minutes, Color
Description: The intimate stories of how a few dedicated people changed US public policy and brought recognition and financial support to folk and traditional artists in the United States by creating and leading federal government efforts to support and present folk artists and folk cultures.
Copyright: American Folklore Society
Filmmaker(s): American Folklore Society
Produced by: Public Programs Section of the American Folklore Society
Cinematography: John Bishop, Chris Simon, Mark Puryear
Editing: Chris Simon, Matt Kjar
Sound: John Bishop, Chris Simon, Mark Puryear, Terry Liu
Acknowledgements: Special Thanks to John Bishop, Matt Kjar, Terry Liu, Tim Lloyd, Mark Puryear, Chris Simon, Periscope Productions and Sageland Media. Additional Thanks to Nancy Yan, Christine Marasigan, Barry Bergey, Noah Bishop, Carl Fleischhauer, Laura Marcus, Stephanie Smith, David Taylor, and Susy Thompson.
Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts: Folk and Traditional Arts Program

Distribution: American Folklore Society

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Distributor Website: American Folklore Society
Distributor Telephone: 614/292-3375

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