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Navajo Talking Picture: Film Facts

1986, Film: 16mm
40 minutes, Color
Description: Film student Arlene Bowman (Navajo) travels to the Reservation to document the traditional ways of her grandmother.
Copyright: 1986, Arlene Bowman
Filmmaker(s): Arlene Bowman
Produced by: Arlene Bowman
Cinematography: Arlene Bowman, James Mulryan
Editing: Arlene Bowman, James Mulryan
Sound: Jeanine Moret, Bethlehem Tsehayu, Hiroko Yamazki, Laura Elijaek
Funding: American Indian Scholarship,Try Inc.; Association of American Indian Affairs; Graduate Division Research, UCLA; Institute of American Cultures, UCLA; James Pendleton Award, UCLA; Navajo Tribe Scholarship.
Awards: National Educational Film and Video Festival, UCLA Native American Film and Video Festival, Margaret Mead Film Festival, New Museum of Contemporary Art, Turin Int'l Film Festival

Distribution: Women Make Movies
462 Broadway, Suite 500WS, New York, NY 10013
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Women Make Movies
Distributor Telephone: 212-925-0606

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