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We Shall Not Be Moved: Film Facts

2007, DV Mini
46 minutes, Color

During the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal was supposed to give sharecroppers a chance at land ownership. But for Black farmers in Tillery, North Carolina, government intervention only added to their long struggle for economic and social justice.

Filmmaker(s): Chris Potter, Charles Thompson
Produced by: Concerned Citizens of Tillery, Gary R. Grant, Director
Cinematography: Chris Potter, Randy Benson, Charles Thompson, April Walton
Editing: Chris Potter
Acknowledgements: Narration by Lesley Blair.
Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts

Distribution: Concerned Citizens of Tillery, Inc.
P.O. Box 61, Tillery, NC 27887
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Concerned Citizens of Tillery, Inc.
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