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Mermaids, Frog Legs, and Fillets: Film Facts

1978, Film: 16mm
18 minutes, Color
Description: Long before the advent of hip-hop as a multi-million dollar industry, African Americans were rapping and rhyming in the street, in their neighborhoods, and on the fish market docks in Washington DC. A 1978 film by academy award winning filmmaker Paul Wagner with folklorist Steve Zeitlin and Jack Santino.
Copyright: 1978, Steve Zeitlin and Paul Wagner
Filmmaker(s): Jack Santino, Paul Wagner, Steven Zeitlin
Produced by: The Columbia Historial Society (Perry Fisher, director)
Cinematography: Paul Wagner, Jack Santino
Editing: Paul Wagner, Steve Zeitlin, Jack Santino
Sound: Zack Krieger with Paul Rusnak
Acknowledgements: Marjorie Hunt (research) Special thanks to Ralph Rinzler, Bess Hawes, Sally Yerkovitch, Barr Weissman, Harold Clouster and the Smithsonian Motion Picture Unit, Karen Loveland, director, John Hiller, associate director
Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts, the Folklife Program, Smithsonian Institution

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