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Carolina Hash: Film Facts

2008, DVCam: Sony
56 minutes, Color

CAROLINA HASH starts with establishing as fact the myth that hash-popularity ends at the South Carolina borders. We learn that right across the state line in North Carolina, barbecue customers and restauranteurs "....donít even know what hash is." The Brunswick stew states of North Carolina and Georgia which border South Carolina for the most part donít know about it. But the tradition runs deep in all of South Carolina, and most native South Carolinians not only know about it - they can tell you where to go " get the best hash in South Carolina!" and the name of the hash-master.

Filmmaker(s): Stan Woodward
Produced by: Stan Woodward
Cinematography: Stan Woodward
Editing: Stan Woodward
Sound: Stan Woodward
Acknowledgements: John Larrabee, The Sidetrack Band, Three Legged Dog String Band, The Swingin Medallions, Ann Cullbertson and the South Foundation
Funding: South Carolina Arts Commission's Folklife & Traditional Arts Program, The Museum, Friends of Carolina Hash
Awards: CINE Golden Eagle

Distribution: Woodward Studio
P.O. Box 5163, Greenville, SC 29606
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Archives & Stock Footage: Stan Woodward
P.O. Box 5163, Greenville, SC 29606
Archives & Stock Footage Email: Contact
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