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Morgan Sexton: Film Facts

1991, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
28 minutes, Color
Description: Eastern Kentucky's Morgan Sexton cut his first banjo out of the bottom of a lard bucket, and some seventy years later won the National Endowment for the Arts' National Heritage Award for his "amazingly pure and unaffected singing and playing style." In this program, the eighty-year-old Sexton shares his life and music.
Featuring: Felix Richard, Felix Richard
Copyright: 1991, Appalshop
Filmmaker(s): Anne Lewis
Produced by: Anne Lewis with Buck Maggard
Cinematography: Andrew Garrison
Editing: Anne Lewis Johnson
Sound: Anne Lewis Johnson
Acknowledgements: Executive Producer, Dee Davis. Archival research Maxine Kenny.
Funding: National Endowment for the Arts. Kentucky Arts Council

Distribution: Appalshop, Inc.
91 Madison Ave, Whitesburg, KY 41858
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Distributor Website: Appalshop, Inc.
Distributor Telephone: 606.633.0108

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