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The Hollow: Film Facts

1975, Film: 16mm
01 hours, 04 minutes, Color
Description: A rare 1975 film on a rural impoverished community in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. This remarkable film deals with stereotypes of improvised rural life, but unfolds into a sympathetic view of the community and their suspicion of outsiders.
Copyright: 1975, G.T.N. Productions
Filmmaker(s): George Nierenberg, Gary Wand
Produced by: George Nierenberg
Cinematography: George Nierenberg
Editing: Edward Salier
Sound: Bonnie Friedman
Acknowledgements: Written and directed by George Nierenberg and Gary S. Ward.

Distribution: GTN Pictures, LLC
252 West 85th Street, Suite 8D, New York, NY 1002
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Distributor Website: GTN Pictures, LLC
Distributor Telephone: 212-362-9720

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