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Toot Blues: Film Facts

2009, HDV
01 hours, 14 minutes, Color
Description: Wall to wall blues from unheralded artists. The film gives a glimpse of what is being lost and Tim Duffy's heroic efforts to document the passing.
Copyright: 2009, Music Maker Foundation
Filmmaker(s): Tim Duffy, Anna Ferrarie, Chris Johnstone
Produced by: Tim Duffy with Denise Duffy
Cinematography: Anna Ferrarie
Editing: Chris Johnstone and Anna Ferrarie
Sound: Jerold Launer
Acknowledgements: Opening credits: Engine Company 1
Awards: New Orleans, Memphis, and Black Lot Film Festivals.

Distribution: Music Maker Relief Foundation
PO Box 1358, Hillsborough, NC 27278
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Music Maker Relief Foundation
Distributor Telephone: 919-643-2456

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