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Halsted Street USA: Film Facts

1995, Betacam SP
56 minutes, Color

Nowhere in America does a stretch of pavement slice through a more vibrant and diverse cross-section of humanity than Chicago's Halsted Street. Along its length one can view a dozen nationalities, a thousand lifestyles -- the American melting pot at full boil.

Copyright: 1995, Panacea Pictures
Filmmaker(s): David Simpson
Produced by: David E. Simpson
Cinematography: Tsuyoshi Kimoto
Editing: David E. Simpson
Acknowledgements: Narrated by Studs Terkel. 1934 footage by Conrad Friberg.
Funding: Chicago Filmmakers, John D. & Catharine T. Macarthur Foundation, Studio Film & Tape Co., Illinois Humanities Council, Woods Fund of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust, Polk Bros. Foundation, Playboy Foundation
Awards: Nat'l Social Science Assn. honoree. Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival honoree.

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