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Welcome to Spiveys Corner: Film Facts

1978, Film: 16mm
17 minutes, Color

In 1979 Keir Cline shot footage at the Tenth Annual National Hollerin’ Contest in Spivey’s Corner, a small crossroads community in southeastern North Carolina. The festival had been established to raise funds for the local volunteer fire department and to pay whimsical tribute to a kind of loud vocalizing that people on isolated farms used to communicate across distances in the years before they had telephones. “Welcome to Spivey’s Corner” features interviews with one of the early winners, Coharie Indian Leonard Emanuel, and performances by others who learned hollering as children.

Copyright: 1978, Kier Chine
Filmmaker(s): Kier Cline
Produced by: Kier Cline
Cinematography: Kier Cline
Editing: Kier Cline
Sound: Kier Cline
Acknowledgements: This print was used in a 16mm restoration project done by Colorlab and paid for with a grant from the National Film Preservation Foundation. The restored elements are in the Folkstreams archive in the Southern Folklife Collection of the University of NC at Chapel Hill.

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