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Everybody Promenade: Film Facts

2007, DV Mini
27 minutes, Color
Description: The Farmall Promenade is an eight member, all male troupe of farmers who, as four male-'female' square dancing couples, perform across the Midwest. They have a passion for the dance but this isnít your Grandpaís square dancing. They perform all the favorites while perched atop antique tractors.
Copyright: 2007, Erickson and Seaman
Filmmaker(s): LeAnn Erickson
Produced by: LeAnn Erickson, Camille Seaman
Cinematography: LeAnn Erickson with River Branch
Editing: Camille Seaman
Sound: Camille Seaman
Funding: Dekalb Seeds, Garst Seeds, Pioneer Seeds, Wilson Seeds, University of Iowa

Distribution: Ouat Media
2844 Dundas Street West Toronto, ON
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Ouat Media
Distributor Telephone: 416 979 7380

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