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People's Stuff: Film Facts

1992, 8mm: Hi8 Video
23 minutes, Color
Description: People's Stuff is a document of six collectors of unusual objects. Creating an environment for storytelling, the subjects reveal inner dreams and motivations as they share both their collections and their lives with the viewer.
Copyright: 1992, LeAnn Erickson
Filmmaker(s): LeAnn Erickson
Produced by: LeAnn Erickson with Julie Rasmussen
Cinematography: LeAnn Erickson
Editing: LeAnn Erickson
Sound: LeAnn Erickson
Acknowledgements: Interview subjects: Charmaine Burrell, Fred Crane, George Preston, Ruth Rasmussen, Irene Redfearn, Craig Starr.
Funding: Film in the Cities, Jerome Foundation. Additional funds from the the Iowa Arts Council

Distribution: Patricia Sawin

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