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Crossroads: Film Facts

1997, 8mm: Hi8 Video
52 minutes, Color
Description: August 1996, in Uvalde, Texas: the Hernandez family holds a reunion, undoubtedly one of many such gatherings held that summer in small towns across the nation.
Copyright: 1997, LeAnn Erickson
Filmmaker(s): LeAnn Erickson
Produced by: LeAnn Erickson
Cinematography: LeAnn Erickson with Mary Slaughter
Editing: LeAnn Erickson
Sound: LeAnn Erickson
Acknowledgements: Spanish translations: Fernando Hernandez, Memo Salazar. Saturday Dance Music by Mario Perez Band, La Pryor, Texas . Dance DJ Rosendo Torres, Batesville, Texas.

Distribution: Patricia Sawin

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