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We Are Arabbers: Film Facts

2004, DVCam: Sony
01 hours, 21 minutes, Color

We Are Arabbers follows the horse-and-wagon produce vendors along the streets of Baltimore, Maryland as they struggle to make a living and maintain their unique culture.

Filmmaker(s): Joy Lusco Kecken, Scott Kecken
Produced by: Scott Kecken and Joy Lusco Kecken
Cinematography: Scott Kecken
Editing: Scott Kecken
Sound: G.T. Keplinger
Acknowledgements: Composer; Lorraine Whittlesey, Post Sound Mix; David Crandall, Grip/Video Assist; Gabriel Goodenough, Production Assistant; Walter Randle, Researchers; Jane Goodall, Amacdeo Dumaka, Tim Cinani, Jade Goreman Advisory Board; Greg Faller, Ph.D., Charlie Camp, Ph.D., Lee Baker, Ph.D., Benjamin Winfield Meekins
Funding: Maryland Arts Council Maryland Humanities Council

Distribution: The Film Foundry

Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: The Film Foundry
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Archives & Stock Footage: Scott Kecken

Archives & Stock Footage Email: Contact
Archives & Stock Footage Website: Scott Kecken
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