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The Music Makers: Film Facts

1991, Super8
27 minutes, Color

Sťamus was 12 years old when he began playing the fiddle. As a young musician he traveled throughout Ireland, meeting and playing music with some of the legends of Irish music. Seamus Connolly is one of the world's most respected master Irish traditional musicians and teachers.

Copyright: 1991, A Higgins and Ross Film Production
Filmmaker(s): Jim Higgins, Joan Ross
Produced by: Joan Ross and Jim Higgins
Cinematography: Joan Ross and Jim Higgins
Editing: John G. Barnett
Sound: Heart Punch Studio
Acknowledgements: Video Consultants: Page One Productions

Lowell Historic Preservation Commission, US Department of Interior, Artist Foundation's Massachusetts Artist Fellowship Program and Massachusetts Arts Lottery as administered by the Lowell Arts Council and the Chelmsford Cultural Council.

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