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Elijah Pierce: Film Facts

1974, Film: 16mm
18 minutes, Color

Hundreds of people must remember going to Elijah Pierce's barbershop on Long Street, seeking Pierce's latest woodcarvings, spiritual conversation, or simply a haircut and gossip. They may have marveled at brightly colored animal figures, vivid carvings of sports heroes, or the ambitious Book of Wood depicting the life of Christ. Or, like artist Aminah Robinson, they may have entered another level of communication, discussing God's ''laws of life'' with Pierce.

''When I see his work now, it brings it all back,'' Robinson said. ''He hasn't really gone. His life is timeless and there's much left to be learned. . . . The smallest child can appreciate him. His work knows no age, race or gender barrier. It reaches all people.''

Copyright: 1974, The Ohio State University
Filmmaker(s): Carolyn Allport
Produced by: Carolyn Jones Allport
Cinematography: Stan Vingle
Editing: Carolyn Jones Allport
Sound: Stan Vingle
Acknowledgements: The Columbus Gallery of Fine Arts, WBNS-TV, The Ohio State University Department of Photography and Cinema

Distribution: Carolyn Jones Allport

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Archives & Stock Footage: Carolyn Jones Allport

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Archives & Stock Footage Website: Carolyn Jones Allport
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