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Winter Harvest: Film Facts

1987, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
20 minutes, Color

This film documents the activities of the Bear Creek Ice Company in northeastern Pennsylvania through interviews with former employees, who describe working conditions and the process of "harvesting" the ice from a string of five lakes.

Copyright: 1980, Gregory Hansen
Filmmaker(s): Stuart MacLelland
Produced by: Gregory Hansen
Cinematography: Stuart MacLelland
Editing: Thomas Stampa
Acknowledgements: Chris Mincer, Guitar. Traditional fiddle tunes based on arrangement made by Ken Perlman. Oral Historians: Kenneth Hawk, Maurice Kresge. Historical footage courtesy of Paul and Helen Doughart. Narrated by Roswell Smith.
Funding: The William Penn Foundation

Distribution: Penn State Media Sales
237 Outreach Building University Park PA 16802-3899
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Distributor Website: Penn State Media Sales
Distributor Telephone: 1-800-770-2111

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