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Look Forward and Carry on the Past: Film Facts

2002, DV Mini
26 minutes, Color

“Look Forward and Carry on the Past": Stories from Philadelphia’s Chinatown” illustrates the strength and complexity of Philadelphia’s only remaining community of color in the city’s center. The documentary attends to the role of folk arts and community cultural expression in the community’s continuing struggles for respect and survival.

Copyright: 2002, Philadelphia Folklore Project
Filmmaker(s): Barry Dornfeld, Debora Kodish, Debbie Wei
Produced by: Asian Americans United, Philadelphia Folklore Project and Barry Dornfeld
Cinematography: Barry Dornfeld with Ming Chau and Ron Kanter
Editing: Barry Dornfeld and Debora Kodish with Debbie Wei
Sound: James Yoo and Debora Kodish
Acknowledgements: Ming Chau and James Yoo, Assistant Directors

Distribution: Philadelphia Folklore Project
735 South 50th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19143
Distributor Email: Contact
Distributor Website: Philadelphia Folklore Project
Distributor Telephone: 215-726-1106

Archives & Stock Footage: Philadelphia Folklore Project
735 South 50th Street Philadelphia, PA 19143
Archives & Stock Footage Email: Contact
Archives & Stock Footage Website: Philadelphia Folklore Project
Archives & Stock Footage Telephone: 215.726.1106

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