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Baking Bread!: Film Facts

2011, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
28 minutes, Color

This 28 minute piece documents the construction of a communal bread-oven in Cambridge, NY. As part of the events celebrating the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Quebec City by the French in 2008, traditional artists travelled between Quebec and New England/New York to share their skills; amongst the participating artists was Jean Laberge, traditional woodworker and bread-oven maker, who, with the assistance of Cambridge volunteers, built what has become a focus of the Hubbard Hall Projects, a Cambridge community arts center that fosters cultural and educational projects.

Copyright: 2011, W. Lambrecht
Filmmaker(s): Winnie Lambrecht
Produced by: Winnie Lambrecht, Todd DeGarmo
Cinematography: Peter O'Neill
Editing: Winnie Lambrecht
Sound: Jason O'Neill
Acknowledgements: Music: Ensemble Musical Groupe Carrefour (Quebec)
Funding: The Government of Quebec, The New York State Council on the Arts, The Rhode Island School of Design

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