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Clotheslines: Film Facts

1981, Film: 16mm
32 minutes, Color

With verve and humor, this film shows the love/hate relationship that women have with the task of cleaning the family's clothes. As we see the clothes flapping in the wind and hear the voices - some proud, some angry, some wistful - we realize that doing laundry calls forth deep feelings about one's role in life.

Copyright: a Buffalo Rose Production 1981 Roberta Cantow
Filmmaker(s): Roberta Cantow
Produced by: Roberta Cantow
Cinematography: Roberta Cantow
Editing: Roberta Cantow
Sound: Mary Dunn
Acknowledgements: Music composed by Alice Eve Cohen
Funding: The New York State Council on the Arts
Awards: American Film Festival, NY Area Emmy Award, 1982; Best Woman's Film, Atlanta Film Festival, 1983, Second Prize, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1982; New Directors/New Film, 1982

Distribution: Roberta Cantow

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Archives & Stock Footage: Roberta Cantow

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Archives & Stock Footage Website: Roberta Cantow
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