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1968, Film: 16mm
01 hours, 03 minutes, Color

In 1965 New York filmmaker Holly Fisher focused her camera on the annual skipjack race on the Chesapeake Bay, and on skipjack captain Art Daniels. Over the next three years, she and her co-director, Romas Slezas, filmed Daniels, his family and his colleagues oystering and crabbing and living on the Chesapeake.

Copyright: Fisher-Slezas Films Inc.
Filmmaker(s): Holly Fisher
Produced by: Holly Fisher, Romas V. Slezas
Cinematography: Romas Slezas with Holly Fisher
Editing: Holly Fisher and Romas Slezas
Sound: Holly Fisher
Awards: Atlanta International Film Festival, Bronze Medal,

Distribution: Holly Fisher

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Archives & Stock Footage: Holly Fisher

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Archives & Stock Footage Website: Holly Fisher
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