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Mennonites of Manitoba: Film Facts

1998, Betacam Digital (Digi Beta)
56 minutes, Color

The Mennonites of Manitoba is the story of a modest, peaceful, religious people. A people who have fled from Holland to Poland, from Poland to Ukraine, and from Ukraine to Manitoba, where they have held on to their distinctive culture and common history for 125 years.
Copyright: 1998, Prairie Public Broadcasting
Produced by: George Siamandas, Bob Dambach
Cinematography: Travis Jensen, Roy Boileau, Warren Kay, Dave Geck, George Siamandas, Bob Dambach
Editing: Gretchen Arntson, Trina Jordahl, Travis Jensen
Funding: The DeFehr Foundation, The Winnipeg Foundation, Heritage Grants Advisory Council, Manitoba Culture Heritage and Citizenship, Members of Prairie Public

Distribution: Prairie Public Television
207 North 5th Street Fargo, ND 58102
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Distributor Website: Prairie Public Television
Distributor Telephone: 701-241-6900

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