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Scandinavian Traditions: Film Facts

2002, Betacam Digital (Digi Beta)
59 minutes, Color

Scandinavian Traditions takes a nostalgic look at childhood memories and family traditions and shows us that there is more to being Scandinavian than Ole and Lena jokes this heritage is something to celebrate!

Copyright: 2002, Prairie Public Television
Produced by: Bob Dambach, Kim Stenehjem
Cinematography: Randy Cadwell,, Eric Carlson, Dave Geck, Travis Jensen, Lee Westad
Editing: Travis Jensen
Funding: Swedish Council of America, Members of Prairie Public Television

Distribution: Prairie Public Television
207 North 5th Street Fargo, ND 58102
Distributor Email:
Distributor Website: Prairie Public Television
Distributor Telephone: 701-241-6900

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