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The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago: Film Facts

1978, Film: 16mm
59 minutes, Color
Description: Filmmaker Jill Godmilow (with folklorists Ethel Raim and Martin Koenig) made this film in 1977 when there was a community of 1100 Serbian-Americans families in South Chicago. They worked in steel mills, drove trucks, taught school, played tennis and golf, watched television, and went to church on Sunday. But what connected them to their family, church and community and provided the deepest expression of their identity was their traditional Serbian music and the Popovich Brothers were a constant source of that music.
Featuring: Hortense and Christine Miller, Hortense and Christine Miller
Copyright: 1978 Jill Godmilow
Filmmaker(s): Jill Godmilow, Martin Koenig, Ethel Raim
Produced by: Mary Koenig, Ethel Raim and Jill Godmilow
Cinematography: Tom Hurwitz with Steve Lenzer
Editing: Jill Godmilow
Sound: Chat Gunther
Funding: The National Endowment for the Arts, The American Film Institute, The Illinois Arts Council
Awards: American Film Festival Red Ribbon

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