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Joy Unspeakable: Film Facts

1981, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
59 minutes, Color
Description: Joy Unspeakable examines the question, what does it mean to be Pentecostal, through the documentation of three types of Oneness Pentecostal services in Southern Indiana: a gospel-rock concert, a regular Sunday service, and a camp meeting. Religious behavior, doctrine, and social values are discussed by several Oneness Pentecostal church members and ministers in interviews interspersed with footage of the various services. A film by John Winninger and folklorists Elaine Lawless and Betsy Peterson.
Copyright: 1981, Indiana University Television
Filmmaker(s): Elaine Lawless, Elizabeth Peterson, John Winninger
Produced by: John Winninger, Elaine Lawless, Elizabeth Peterson
Cinematography: John Winninger, Larry Reagon, Mick Renneisen, Mike Schaler, Andy Sellers
Editing: Bob Boyer, John Holman
Sound: Colin Carter, Dann Crosby, Sonya Kantor, Jim Reiske, Duke Sapp
Acknowledgements: Indiana University Radio and TV Service: James D. Perry, Executive Producer; Inta Gale Carpenter, Project Director. Ellen Lutes; 16th Street Pentecostal Congregation; Indiana University Folklore Institute. Narrator, Claire Gregory; Production Manager, Barrie Zimmerman.
Funding: Production made possible by a matching grant from the Indiana Committee for the Humanities in cooperation with the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Distribution: Indiana University AV Center
Bloomington, IN 47405
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Archives & Stock Footage: University of Indiana AV Center

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Archives & Stock Footage Website: University of Indiana AV Center
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