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Tommie Bass: Film Facts

1993, 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic
49 minutes, Color
Description: At the time of his death in 1996, "Tommie" Bass, was probably the most well-known herbalist in the United States. The subject of scholarly and popular books, television features, a front-page essay in the Wall Street Journal, and numerous articles in newspapers and magazines, Tommie Bass lived his entire life in the Ridge and Valley region of Alabama where he devoted himself to "trying to give ease" to the many people who sought his advice.. "Tommie Bass" is a biographical portrait of Mr. Bass, told almost entirely in his own words.
Featuring: Grans Smith
Copyright: 1993, Tommie Bass Documentary Project
Filmmaker(s): Allen Tullos
Produced by: Allen Tullos with Tom Rankin
Cinematography: Tom Rankin, Tom Davenport
Editing: Allen Tullos with Evan Lieberman
Sound: Allen Tullos
Acknowledgements: Production Advisors: Cynthia Blakeley, Susannah Koerber. Post-Production: ASV Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia. James P. Milan, editor Acknowledgments: Ken Brockenbrough, Jon Byrd, Cedar Bluff Garden Club, John Crellin, Ed Croom, Judy and Barry James, Marilyn Morton, Daniel W. Patterson, Jane Philpott, Lisa Roach, Jack Sewell, Rebecca Sharpless, Dorothy and Rolf Tullos, Candace Waid
Funding: Alabama State Council of the Arts, Cherokee County Historial Society, Emory University

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