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Sadobabies: Film Facts

1988, 8mm: Hi8 Video
29 minutes, Color
Description: A 1988 8mm video documentary about the street children of San Francisco. The video documents the expressive traditions of a group of young runaways who formed an alternative family in an abandoned high school building near Golden Gate Park. Shot in an urban setting with a "one-person crew," Sadobabies demonstrates small-format, low-budget production.
Copyright: 1988 Nancy Kalow
Filmmaker(s): Nancy Kalow
Produced by: Nancy Kalow, May Petersen
Cinematography: Nancy Kalow
Editing: Nancy Kalow
Sound: Nancy Kalow
Acknowledgements: Special thanks to Coke Ariail. The producers also wish to thank Dave Farrell, Elise Rosson, Michael Roy, Brant Ward, Saul Wasserman.

Distribution: Nancy Kalow
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Archives & Stock Footage: Nancy Kalow
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