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Remembering Emmanuel Church: Film Facts

2000, 8mm: Hi8 Video
37 minutes, Color
Description: An oral history of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Fauquier County, Virginia. The storytellers are masters-all of them members of the congregation from the old farming community tradition of Fauquier County. The stories, funny, sad, and scandalous, are memories of friends and family who are dead and buried in the churchyard.
Copyright: 2000, Tom Davenport
Filmmaker(s): Tom Davenport
Produced by: Tom & Mimi Davenport
Cinematography: Matthew Davenport, Jonathan Hamilton
Editing: KT! Eaton, Dillon deGive, Tom Davenport, Rob Roberts
Acknowledgements: Assistance from KT! Eaton, Dillon deGive, Page McCarty, Rob Roberts Equipment donated by Page McCarty, Phil Carter. On-Line editing by Team Video International. Dedicated to the memory of Janet Harris and The Departed of Piedmont Parrish

Distribution: Davenport Films
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Distributor Telephone: 540-592-3701

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Archives & Stock Footage Website: Davenport Films
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