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Tony De Nonno


Produced, Written, and Directed by Tony de Nonno

1970 The Kiss of Death

1971 El Fang-Dango

1972 It's All in My Hands

1977 Part of Your Loving

1979 One Generation is Not Enough

1980 Moira: A Vision of Blindness

1980 Fleetwood Mac

1981 The Ways of the Wind

1981 It's One Family: Knock on Wood

1982 Itzhak Perlman: In My Case Music

1982 Dancing's All of You

1983 Anne Akiko Meyers: Beyond the Gift of Music

1983 Just Be Me

1984 Housing with a Heart; The Enterprise Foundation

1985 Just Be Me

1985 Navigation Without Sight

1986 Liberty Minutes

1986 Portraits of Liberty

1987 a3520 for Piano Solo*

1988 Fast and Sexy

1989 A Fistful of Words

1990 Everybody Rejoice

1991 The Morris Magnet School for the Arts

1991 Antonio Meucci: The Father of the Telephone

1991 A Cause for Celebration

1992 Ethnic Sharing: Valuing Diversity

1993 Rebuilding the South Bronx: The Story of SEBCO

1994 Italian American Visions: Portraits of 20th Century Immigration

1995 An Empowering Partnership

1996-1997 The UN in Queens: A Global Celebration

1998 Teaching Technology to the World

2000 Tai Chi and Seniors: A Meditation in Movement

2001-2005 Heaven Touches Brooklyn in July

2003 Teaching Technology to the World

2004 A Gift of Joy

2004 New York City Through Time: The Museum of the City of New York

2004 Public Schools are Everybody's Business

2005 Forming Men for All Seasons

2006 Young People: Building Bridges to a Safer World

2010 John LaCorte: A Monument to History

2010 Serving Society With Heart:UNICO National's 85-Year Contribution to America

2007-2010 From Devastation to Celebration: The South Bronx: A Community Reborn

2007-2010 A Century of Laughter, Heart and Song: The Art of Italian Comedy in America

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By De Nonno, Tony
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