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Yasha Aginsky

Yasha Aginsky is an independent filmmaker and film teacher since 1967. He has been the editor of over 50 independent films, including Academy Award nominee FOREVER ACTIVISTS by Judith Montell and more recently, the 2007 SF International Film Festival Best Short Documentary OUTSIDER by Betsy Bayha, as well as GRANNY D GOES TO WASHINGTON by Alidra Solday. With his film partner and wife, Carrie d’Inzillo Aginsky, Yasha has produced and made over 20 films which have won many awards and been broadcast internationally, including: BERNAL BLUES (1970); THAT’S OUR BABY (1975); HOMEMADE AMERICAN MUSIC (1980); PUTTING UP THE PICKLES (1981); LES BLUES DE BALFA and CAJUN VISITS (1983); THE GIFT (1995); FULL CIRCLE (1997); BRATSCH AT WORK (2000); WINE FROM THE HEART (2002) and WINE FROM THE RHONE (2007). His latest film is a documentary about the New Lost City Ramblers and Old Time Music, ALWAYS BEEN A RAMBLER (2009) for the Arhoolie Foundation.