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What are the terms of the folkstreams contract? is non-exclusive. You are free to video stream your work on other sites.  However, to insure continuity, we would like a commitment of six years with an automatic 3-year renewal unless contacted.

Will people be able to copy my film from the video stream?
Copying films from the folkstreams site is not permitted. See our Rights and Policy.  However, we encourage the filmmaker to select (or allow us to select) a short clip of about 1 to 3 minutes as a Quicktime download which can be e-mailed to promote the film. 
Although it may be possible for a hacker to figure out how to copy a streaming file, we believe that this is unlikely for two reasons:
1- Downloading a film requires lots of disk space and time even on broadband.
2- Most people don't watch a film over and over like they listen to a song. 

Will streaming on folkstreams increase sales of my film?
We think it will.  Many of these films are old and hard to find. Some are no longer in distribution.  Users who want to purchase a video, DVD, or stock footage will be able to find you or your distributor.  

What if my film contains stock footage or other materials that is copyrighted by someone else?
The filmmakers (copyright holders of the film) must warrant that they have the rights to all the material in their film or to identify any footage to which they do not have rights.  In the latter case we will exclude the sensitive material from the video stream.

Can I show clips of my film rather than the whole film?
Yes, but priority is given to films that we can stream in their entirety.  For films that we can show only in part, we ask for at least 1/3 of each film in order to represent it adequately.  Some films may better presented on the Internet as clips that we can select with the filmmaker.

Will my work be archived?
If your film is accepted for Folkstreams, we will pay for a digital beta video tape transfer from film or tape. One dbeta tape will be given to you and the other dbeta tape and a 16-mm release print (if the film was made on 16-mm and a print is available) will be archived in the collection of Southern Folklife at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. These tapes/prints will not be circulated and will be kept as a research collection for 

Researchers who want to order stock footage, will be required to contact you. 

We need the archives for two reasons. 
1- We anticipate that streaming technologies will change and that we may need to redo the streaming in the future.
2- Many of these old documentaries are scattered in collections and labs all over the USA.  Some older films exist as a single copy in the back of a filmmaker's closet.  Others are in labs under the name of a filmmaker or distributor.  If the filmmaker died or the distribution company ceased, they would be lost.