IMPORTANT: This page may be deprecated!

Linking to Folkstreams

We welcome links to folkstreams pages. When linking to folkstreams pages please observe the following guidelines:

DO NOT "link" or directly reference images on folkstreams without permission. Do not set your image source to an image on folkstreams. It's not polite.

DO NOT "link" or directly reference video streams from folkstreams. That's not very polite either.

You may link to any of our film pages or contextual material pages (the "essays" accompanying each film). We encourage your linking to our essays, historical materials, "making of" and other relate material. After all, that's what makes the web a richer experience for everyone.

Permanent Links

We encourage you to link to our pages using "permalinks" (you will see this term appear on our pages where such link occur) or permanent links. These locations will not change over the lifetime of the site, so you can be sure to avoid link rot by using these locations in your links. The following table shows how to construct links to various pages.

/context,N for Context page
/film,N for Film page
/filmfacts,N for Film Facts page

Just take one of these fragments, add "" and enter the id number for the item and your link is done. Like:,32

Or just copy one of our URLs from your browser window into your web page.