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Rights & Policy

All titles in Folkstreams are protected by copyright.

These rights are mostly held by the filmmaker(s). The filmmaker has granted Folkstreams permission to stream their work for users to watch free of charge on their home computers. But for other permissions like downloading, using the footage in other projects or videos, or projecting the streams in a classroom or institution, the user should apply to the filmmaker. Many of the films are available in high quality DVD from the distributor.

Copying and embedding is permitted ONLY for the short trailers on This is to facilitate sharing the clip via e-mail to bring attention to the film. These short clips are licensed under the Creative Commons ( agreement which requires:

• attribution (you must acknowledge the copyright holder)
• noncommercial use only
• no derivative work (the clip cannot be changed).

You can apply to the filmmaker for exceptions to these rules.

For stock footage use, please contact Folkstreams.

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