Folkstreams Newsfeed

Keep up with Folkstreams by connecting to our newsfeed. If you have an RSS news or "headline" reader, you can get a live feed of films as they are added to Folkstreams catalog directly sent to your reader.

Personal RSS Readers

Personal RSS readers
AmphetaDesk is a personal news aggregator that sits on your desktop. (Mac/Win/Linux)
Beaver is a three-paned RSS reader with support for additional metadata and embedded browser. (Win)
dynamicobjects spaces displays RSS feeds in an Outlook-like interface. (Mac/Win/Lin)
FeedReader is free software that reads and displays Internet newsfeeds. (Win)
With Figby, you can read your favorite news sites in slashbox-style sidebars on (Web)
ForumZilla lets you read RSS and subscribe to RSS files from within Netscape. (Mozilla)
Headline Viewer is a desktop client for syndicated news in RSS and many other formats, with over 500 built-in news sources. (Win)
HotSheet provides an RSS news retrieval program written in Java 2. (Win/Mac/Linux) focuses on Java news, articles, and blogs.
Meerkat is a custom API for searching and categorizing. (Web)
My UserLand provides this hour's news on one page. (Web)
News Is Free lets you create your own customized news page with feeds from the sites you're interested in. (Web)
Novobot is a smart headline viewer and news ticker that can also process almost any Web site. (Win)
Peerkat is a personal syndicated data aggregator living on your computer desktop. It's simple, small, P2P, Python, cross-platform, open source and supports RSS and HTML. (Mac/Win/Linux)
Radio UserLand provides a full-stregth news-reading application, on your desktop. (Mac/Win)
rss2email reads RSS feeds and sends each new item to you as an e-mail. RSS News Reader is an aggregation of RSS content using SQLData XML technologies. (Web)