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Selected Films

Compiled by the Folklorists Daniel and Beverly Patterson in 2001, "Selected Films" represents 137 titles that represent the treasury of films we would like to stream on Folkstreams. Some of these titles are streaming on Folkstreams now. The list continues to be a helpful tool in tracking down films that are hard to find, and we publish it for others to use.

  1. “Adirondack Minstrel.” Hudson, N.Y.: Bowling Green Films, 1977. (19 min.)
    [Jack Ofield film on woodsman/musician Lawrence Older]
  2. “Afro-American Work Songs in a Texas Prison.” Folklore Research, 1966. (b&w, 29 min.)
    [Daniel, Toshi, and Pete Seeger film paralleling Bruce Jackson’s book Wake Up Dead Man]
  3. “All Day and All Night: Memories of Beale Street Musicians.” Memphis: Center for Southern Folklore, 1990. (29 Min.)
  4. “Always for Pleasure.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1978. (60 min.)
    [Les Blank film on parading in New Orleans, including footage of the Black Indian group the Wild Tchoupitoulas]
  5. “Amazing Grace.” South Burlington, Vt.: WNET, 1990. (90 min.)
    [Bill Moyers special on the history of the 18th-century hymn and folk tune including a variety of folk performances]
  6. “The Amish, A People of Preservation.” Harleysville, Pa.: Heritage Productions. (52 min.)
    [John Ruth film on Amish life, with Hostettler as consultant—and some surreptitiously shot footage]
  7. “The Angel That Stands by Me.” Light/Saraf Film, 1982 (29 min.)
    [Allie Light film on Minnie Evans, African American visionary artist from Wilmington, N.C.]
  8. “`Anything I Catch’: The Handfishing Story.” Eunice, La: Attakapas Productions, 1992. (28 min.)
    [Pat Mire film on grabbling for catfish and its to Cajun culture and environmental changes]
  9. “Ave Maria: The Story of the Fisherman’s Feast.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1987. (24 min.)
    [Beth Harrington film on Boston Italian American’s annual celebration of the Feast of the Madonna del Soccorso; a companion film to “The Moveable Feast”]
  10. “The Ballad of Frankie Silver” with Epilogue “The Making of the Ballad Singer.” Delaplane, VA: Davenport Films, 1999. (47 min.)
    [UNC/Tom Davenport film on a ballad and legend cycle about an 1831 NC murder, featuring traditional singer and storyteller Bobby McMillon; parallel book and journal issue]
  11. “Being a Joines.” Delaplane, VA: Davenport Films, 1980. (58 min.)
    [UNC/Tom Davenport film on a tale teller from western N.C.; booklet]
  12. “Bill Monroe: Father of Bluegrass Music.” New York: Original Cinema, 1993. (90 min.)
    [On Monroe’s career from childhood to stardom, with extensive commentary by Ricky Skaggs and other musicians influenced by Monroe]
  13. “Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins.” El Cerrito, Cal..: Flower Films, 1969. (31 min.)
    [Les Blank film on the well-known Texas bluesman]
  14. “Blues Houseparty.” Takoma Park, Md.: Houseparty Productions, 1989. (57 min.)
    [Eleanor Ellis video on John Jackson, John Dee Holeman, Friz Holloway and others perform and reminisce about old-time houseparties in N.C. and Va.]
  15. “Blues Like Showers of Rain.” New York: Rhapsody Films, 1986. (b&w, 30 min.)
    [John Jeremy film, an introduction to country blues, with a variety of singers]
  16. “Born for Hard Luck.” Delaplane, Va.: Davenport Films, 1975. (b&w, 28 min.)
    [UNC/Tom Davenport film on medicine-show harmonica player and musician Peg Leg Sam Jackson; booklet]
  17. “Buck Season at Bear Meadow Sunset.” Lemont, Pa.: Documentary Resource Center.
    [George Hornbein/Kenneth Thigpen film on hunting in Pennsylvania]
  18. “Catching the Music.” Washington, D.C.: WETA Television, 1987. (60 min.)
    [Stephen Wade's story of learning the banjo, includes footage of Doc Hopkins, Hobart Smith, Virgil Anderson, Uncle Dave Macon, Kirk McGee, Fleming Brown, and Roscoe Holcomb]
  19. “Chulas Fronteras.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Brazos Films, 1976. (58 min.)
    [Les Blank film on Tex-Mex music, with Lydia Mendoza and other musicians]
  20. “Cowboy Poets.” Los Angeles, Cal.: Direct Cinema Films, 1988. (53 min.)
    [Kim Shelton film featuring three cowboys from Arizona, Nevada, and Montana reciting and talking about their verse]
  21. “Crawfish and Freys.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1997. (28 min.)
    [Linda Haskins video on the multi-generational Frey family has blended its German heritage with Cajun culture in Southwestern Louisiana]
  22. “Crow Dog.” New York: Cinema Guild, 1979. (57 min.)
    [Mike Cuesta/David Baxter film on a Sioux medicine man spokesman for traditionalists, with historical account of the late ‘60s renaissance of Indian pride and protest activities.]
  23. “Dance for a Chicken: The Cajun Mardi Gras.” Eunice, La.: Attakapas Productions, 1993. (58 min.)
    [Pat Mire/Barry Ancelet film on “runs” in several rural and small-town communities
  24. “Doc and Merle.” Boone, NC: Joe Murphy, 1986.
    [Murphy film on Doc Watson and his son
  25. “Dreadful Memories.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1988. (38 min.)
    [Mimi Pickering film on Sarah Ogun Gunning, a protest singer from Kentucky mining country]
  26. “Drums of Winter (Uksuum Cauyai).” Watertown, Mass: Documentary Education Resources, (90 min.)
    [Sarah Elder/Leonard Kamerling film on Inuit traditional music in Alaska
  27. “Du Côté de Memphis.” Pathé Cinema; Memphis: Center for Southern Folklore, 1979. (55 min.)
    [French video on the field collecting and films of Ferris and Peiser in Mississippi and Memphis]
  28. “Earl’s Canoe” Watertown, Mass.: Documentary Education Resources, 1999. (27 min.)
    [Thomas Vennum/Charles Weber Smithsonian film on a traditional Ojibwe craft]
  29. “End of an Old Song.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1972. (b&w, 28 min.)
    [John Cohen film on Dillard Chandler, ballad singer in western N.C.]
  30. “Every Island Has Its Own Songs.” White Springs: Florida: Bureau of Florida Folklife Programs. (28 min.)
    [Nancy Michael video on the bagpipe music of a Greek emigrant from the island of Kalymnos to Tarpon Springs, Fla.]
  31. “Fa So La Mi: The Sacred Harp, a Musical Documentary.” Chicago, Ill: Tracy Chambers, 1991. (19 min.)
    [Chambers film about interaction of folk music revivalists with Alabama and Georgia Sacred Harp Singers]
  32. “Family across the Sea.” San Francisco: California Newsreel, 1991. (30 min.)
    [S.C. ETV Network video on links between Sea Island speech and culture and the culture of Sierra Leone
  33. “Fannie Bell Chapman: Gospel Singer.” Memphis, Tenn.: Center for Southern Folklore, 1975. (58 min.)
    [Judy Peiser film on a female African American Pentecostal gospel singer and healer from Miss.]
  34. “Finnish American Lives.” Marquette, Mich.: Up North Films, 1984. (60 min.)
    [Michael Loukinen film about Finnish communities in Michigan
  35. “Fixin’ to Tell about Jack.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1974, 28 min.)
    [Jack Tales told by Ray Hicks of Beech Mountain, N.C.]
  36. “Flight of the Dove.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1990. (29 min.)
    [On a Portuguese Americans with roots in the Azores now living in southern California, with a focus on its annual Feast of the Holy Spirit]
  37. “Free Show Tonight.” Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.: Benchmark, 1984. (59 min.)
    [medicine show recreated in Bailey, N.C., by white and African American veteran
  38. “From Shore to Shore: Irish Traditional Music in New York.” Truckee, Cal.: Cherry Lane Productions, 1993. (57 min.)
    [Patrick Mullins video showing a variety of Irish-American musicians
  39. “Gandy Dancers.” 1994. (30 min.)
    [Maggie Holtzberg-Call and Barry Dornfeld film, with demonstrations and documentary footage of track lining and interviews with former railroad track crewmen about the worksongs and their social context]
  40. “Gathering Up Again: Fiesta in Santa Fe.” Santa Fe: Quotidian Independent Documentary Research, 1992. (46 min.)
    [Jeanette DeBouzek and Diane Reyna film on three-way cultural conflicts in a community festival]
  41. “Good Mornin’ Blues.” Jackson, Miss.: Mississippi Authority for Educational Television, 1979. (60 min.)
    [historical overview of Mississippi blues, with B.B. King as narrator
  42. “The Grand Generation.” (1993)
    [Paul Wagner film about six elderly Americans: Rosina Tucker (African American union organizer and activist), Alex Kellam (crab fisherman on the Chesapeake), Moishe Sachs (Jewish baker in NYC), Nimrod Workman (miner and ballad singer in WVa), Cleofes Vigil (New Mexican shepherd and albedos singer), and Ethel Mohamed (Mississippi embroiderer); parallels Mary Hufford’s Smithsonian book of the same title)
  43. “Gravel Springs Fife and Drum.” Memphis, Tenn.: Center for Southern Folklore, 1971. (20 min.)
    [Bill Ferris/Judy Peiser/David Evans film on an African American country band tradition in Mississippi.]
  44. “Halloween ’85.” Lemont, Pa.: Documentary Resource Center, 1986. (26 min.)
    [Kenneth Thigpen film on halloween yard displays in Pennsylvania]
  45. “Hap Collins of South Blue Hill, Maine.” Blue Hill Falls: Northeast Historic Film, 1989. (56 min.)
    [Jeff Titon film on fisherman poet]
  46. “Hearts and Hands.” San Francisco: Ferrero Films, 1988. (58 min.)
    [Pat Ferrero film with historical portraits of several women quilters and their work]
  47. “High Lonesome: The Story of Bluegrass Music.” n.p.: Northside Films, Tara Releasing, 1991. (58 min.)
    [A Rachel Liebling film emphasizing the themes and spirit of bluegrass songs through performances and interviews with Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley, Mac Wiseman, and other performers, with extensive historical footage of showing rural life from the 1920s to the 1950s]
  48. “High Lonesome Sound.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1963. (b&w, 28 min.)
    [John Cohen film on Roscoe Holcomb, banjo picker and singer from Kentucky mining region, with Old Regular and Holiness church services, Bill Monroe concert, dances, etc.]
  49. “The Highly Exalted.” San Rafael, Cal.: Kim Shelton Films, 1984. (58 min.)
    [Kim Shelton film on the talk and life of Nevada buckeroo Dean Tobias and friends]
  50. “Home Across the Water.” Benjamin Shapiro, 1992. (27 min.)
    [On the efforts of Sea Islanders in SC and GA to preserve their cultural identity and cope with the development of the islands as exclusive resorts]
  51. “Home Movie: An American Folk Art.” Washington, DC: Smithsonian, 1975. (27 min.)
    [Steve Zeitlin/Ernst Star film based on fieldwork from the festival on the Mall]
  52. “Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World.” New York: New Day Films, 1983.
    [Pat Ferrero film on the Hopi philosophy of life, death, and renewal as revealed in the interweaving life cycle of humans and corn plants]
  53. n Heaven There Is No Beer.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1983. (58 min.)
    [Les Blank film on polka bands in Polish communities in the upper mid-west]
  54. “In the Good Old Fashioned Way.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1973. (29 min.)
    [On Old Regular Baptist church in KY mountains]
  55. “In the Rapture.” Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Audio-Visual Center. (59 min.)
    [Bill Wiggins film showing a religious drama staged by members of the Second Baptist Church in Bloomington]
  56. “Island of Roses: The Jews of Rhodes in Los Angeles.” Beverly Hills, CA: Paradox Productions, 1995 (55 min.)
    [Gregori Viens film on three generations of Sephardic families who immigrated from Rhodes after World War II]
  57. “The Italian Gardens of South Brooklyn.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1997. (26 min.)
    [Alaxandra Corbin film on family life and activities of an Italian American community in New York]
  58. “It’s a Mean Old World” n.p.: Shanachie Entertainment. (60 min.)
    [On Rev. Pearly Brown, Georgia street preacher and singer]
  59. “It Ain’t City Music.” Delaplane, Va.: Davenport Films, 1970. (15 min.)
    [Davenport Film on a country music festival in Warrenton, VA]
  60. “’J’ai été au bal’: The Cajun and Zydeco Music of Louisiana.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1989. (84 min.)
    [Les Blank historical overview of Cajun music, 1920s to the present; closely follows Barry Ancelet’s books The Makers of Cajun Music (1984) and Cajun Music (1984)]
  61. “Joy Unspeakable.” Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Audio-Visual Center. (59 min.)
    [Elaine Lawless/Betsy Peterson video on Onenesss Pentecostals in southern Indiana; parallels Lawless’s book God’s Peculiar People: Women’s Voices and Folklore in a Pentecostal Church (1988)]
  62. “Julie: Old Time Tales of the Blue Ridge.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films. (11 min.)
    [Les Blank/Cece Conway film about Julie Jarrell Lyons of Mount Airy, N.C.]
  63. “Jumping Night in the Garden of Eden.” New York: First Run/Icarus Films, 1987. (75 min.)
    [Michael Goldman film on klezmer music and its revival]
  64. “Kathleen Ware, Quiltmaker.” Eugene, Ore: Sharon Sherman, 1979. (33 min.)
    [Sharon Sherman film capturing the art, personality and social interactions of a quiltmaker, with focus on the creation of a Lone Star quilt]
  65. “Land Where the Blues Began.” New York: Cultural Equity, 1990. (58 min.)
    [Alan Lomax film on Mississippi blues, from his “American Patchwork Series”; parallels his book of the same title]
  66. “Lige: Portrait of a Rawhide Braider.” Reno: Cattle Kate Communications, 1985. (29 min.)
    [Gwendolyn Clancy film on a cowboy craftsman]
  67. “Lily May Ledford.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1988. (28 min.)
    [Anne Johnson film on Ky. singer who became an early country professional]
  68. “Luther Metke at 94.” Eugene, Ore.: Northwest films, 1979. (27 min.)
    [Steve Raymen/Jorge Preloran film on a logger in his 90s who continues to build log cabins in Central Oregon]
  69. “Marc and Ann.” El Cerrito, CA: Flower films, 1991. (27 min.)
    [Les Blank film on about accordian player and craftsman Marc Savoy and fieldworker Ann Savoy]
  70. “The Meaders Family: North Georgia Potters.” Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1980. (60 min.)
    [Ralph Rinzler/Robert Glatzer film]
  71. “Medicine Fiddle.” Marquette, Mich.: Up North Films, 1991. (81 min.)
    [Michael Loukinen film on the fiddling and dancing traditions of Native (Ojibwa, Menominee, and Ottawa) and Metis fiddlers on both sides of the U. S. and Canadian border]
  72. “Morgan Sexton: Banjo Player from Bull Creek.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1991. (28 min.)
    [Anne Johnson film on Appalachian farmer, miner, logger, banjo-player, and singer]
  73. “Mosquitos and High Water”, 1983. (28 min.)
    [Andrew Kolker film on the decima songs and culture of Isleños, Spanish-speaking people who settled in Louisiana in 1770s]
  74. “Mouth Music.” Athens, Ga.: Georgia Public Television, 1981. (28 min.)
    [Sol Korine and Blaine Dunlap video from a public TV series: examples of several forms of Southern vocalization: hollers (by Leonard Emanuel of Sampson Co., N.C.), military marching chants at Fort Benning, Ga., cheerleading chants at the University of Georgia, jump-rope rhymes from Tennessee, nonsense songs, and ballads by Dee and Delta Hicks of Tennessee, and eephing and carny chants, with Hamper McBee]
  75. “The Moveable Feast.” Berkeley, Cal.: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1993. (28 min.)
    [Beth Harrington film on the ties of Boston Italian Americans to their ancestral hometown, Sciacca, Scicily, and the Feast of the Madonna del Soccorso; a companion film to “Ave Maria: The Story of the Fisherman’s Feast”]
  76. “Moving Mountains—The Story of the Yiu Mien.” New York: Filmmakers Library. (58 min.)
    [Elaine Valaquez film on a Southeast Asian refugee group in Oregon and California]
  77. “The Music District.” San Francisco: California Newsreel, 1995. (57 min.)
    [Susan Levitas film on African American musical traditions in Washington, DC: the Legendary Orioles, a rhythm and blues quartet; The Four Echoes, a Jubilee-style gospel quartet; the Junk Yard Band, a Go-Go group; and the Kings of Harmony, a brass “shout” band of the United House of Prayer for All People]
  78. “The Music Makers: Seamus Connolly and Friends.” North Chelmsford, Mass: Mill Town Graphics, 1991. (30 min.)
    [Higgins and Ross film on an Irish fiddler who immigrated to America]
  79. “La Musica de la Gente.” Santa Fe: One West Media. (28 min.)
    [Michael Earney and Jack Parsons film on newer styles of music among Hispanic musicians in New Mexico]
  80. “La Musica de los Viejos.” Santa Fe: One West Media. (28 min.)
    [Michael Earney and Jack Parsons film on older styles of music in Hispanic communities in New Mexico]
  81. “Musical Holdouts.” Berkeley: University of California Media Center, 1976. (51 min.)
    [John Cohen film celebrating musical subcultures in the US, including Janie Hunter and Sea Island music, Ralph Stanley’s bluegrass, Glenn Ohrlin’s cowboy songs, Comanche singers, and California “Flower Children” street musicians.]
  82. “My Town—Mio Paese.” Berkeley, California: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1991. (28 min.)
    [Katherine Gulla film on Italian Americans in eastern Mass. and their attachment to their ancestral Palermiti in southern Italy]
  83. “New England Fiddles.” Watertown, Mass.: Documentary Educational Resources, 1983. (30 min.)
    [John Bishop/Nick Hawes film on New England fiddling and dancing, with Yankee, Irish, French-Canadian, and Nova Scotian traditional performers]
  84. “Nimrod Workman: To Fit My Own Category.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1975, 35 min.)
    [On Appalachian miner, union man, and singer]
  85. “Now Let’s Talk about Singing: Almeda Riddle, Ozark Singer.” Little Rock, Ark.: George West, 1986. (29 min.)
    [George West documentary on an Ozark ballad singer also the subject of Roger Abrahams’ book A Singer and Her Songs]
  86. “Old Believers.” Portland, Ore.: Media Project. (28 min.)
    [Margaret Hixon film on Russian Old Believer life in the Willamette Valley of Oregon]
  87. “Old Time Music Maker: Melvin Wine.” Glen Arbor, Mich.: Communicraft Productions, 1993. (27 min.)
    [Bob Boles video on a West Va. traditional fiddler and his present interaction with folk music revivalists]
  88. “Our Lives in Our Hands.” Blue Hill Falls, Me.: Northeast Historic Films, 1986. (50 min.)
    [Harald Prins and Karen Carter film on Micmac Indian basket makers in Maine]
  89. “Paj Ntaub: Textile Techniques of the Hmong.” Edgewood, R.I.: Joyce Smith, 1991. (40 min.)
    [Joyce Smith, Yamy Vang and the Hmong/Lao Unity Association film]
  90. “Pericles in America.” Berkeley, California: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1976. (70 min.)
    [Musical portrait of immigrant clarinetist Pericles Halkias and the Epirot-Greek community of Queens, N.Y.]
  91. “Pizza, Pizza, Daddy-O.” Berkeley: University of California Extension Media Center, 1969. (18 min.)
    [Bess Lomax Hawes film of African American girls’ singing games in Los Angeles; booklet]
  92. “The Popovich Brothers of South Chicago.” Franklin Lakes: Ethnic Folk Arts Center, 1978. (58 min.)
    [Jill Godmilow film on a band formed by Serbian-American musicians; pamphlet]
  93. “Post-Industrial Fiddle.” Berkeley, California: Center for Media and Independent Living, 1982. (23 min)
    [John Cohen film on the relation between the work and the music of Gerry Morrell, a mason in a pulp mill in Maine]
  94. “Powerhouse for God.” Watertown, Mass.: Documentary Educational Resources, 1989. (58 min. [Jeff T. Titon/Barry Dornfeld/Tom Rankin film on Rev. John Sherfey and his Independent Baptist church in the eastern Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, with preaching, services, singing, and biographical background; parallels Titon’s book and recording of same name]
  95. “Rattlesnakes: A Festival at Cross Forks, Pennsylvania.” Lemont, Pa.: Documentary Resource Center.
    [George Hornbein and Kenneth Thigpen video on a local festival]
  96. “Quilting Women.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1976. (28 min.)
    [Elizabeth Barret film on a group of Kentucky quilters]
  97. “Quilts in Women’s Lives.” Franklin Lakes, Vt.: New Day Films. (28 min.)
    [Pat Ferrero film on six women quilters from a variety of regions and social backgrounds]
  98. “Ranch Album.” Prescott, Ariz.: Sharlot Hall Historical Society, 1987. (58 min.)
    [Gail Steiger video on seasonal work on the ranch]
  99. “The Rapture Family.” Bloomington, Ind.: Indiana University Audio-Visual Center. (59 min.)
    [Bill Wiggins film about a family’s dedication to producing the religious drama “In the Rapture”; accompanies his film of that drama]
  100. “Ray Lum, Mule Trader.” Memphis, Tenn.: Center for Southern Folklore, 1973. (18 min.)
    [Bill Ferris/Judy Peiser film on a Mississippi mule trader and his yarns]
  101. “Rebuilding the Temple: Cambodians in America.” Los Angeles: Direct Cinema, 1991. (60 min.)
    [Claudia Leven/Lawrence Hott film]
  102. “The Sacred Vision of Howard Finster.” New York: Museum of American Folk Art, 1995. (30 min.)
    [Interviews with Finster talking about his art, visions, and religious beliefs, with scenes of his creations, his preaching, and his home]
  103. “Sara and Maybelle” Cinema Guild, 1981. (b&w, 10 min.)
    [John Cohen film on the Carter Family, early and influential Country singers from western VA]
  104. “Sarah Bailey” (Appalshop, 1984, 29 min.)
    [On a corn-shuck weaver]
  105. “Say Amen, Somebody!” (Pacific Arts Video, 1983. (100 min.)
    [George Nierenberg film on Thomas Dorsey & other leading African American gospel singers, composers, & teachers]
  106. “Sea Bright Skiff: Working on the Jersey Shore.” Trenton, N.J.: NJN Video. (29 min.)
    [Rita Moonsammy, Louis Presti, and Al Rose video on a New Jersey boat builder]
  107. “The Search for Robert Johnson.” New York: SMV Enterprises, 1992. (72 min.)
    [Chris Hunt/John Hammond film on the Mississippi bluesman, with interviews with acquaintances and relatives.]
  108. “The Shakers.” Delaplane, Va.: Davenport Films, 1972. (30 min.)
    [On the history of the American religious group known as Shakers, with interviews and performances by Maine and New Hampshire Shakers]
  109. “A Singing Stream: A Black Family Chronicle.” Delaplane, Va.: Davenport Films, 1983. (58 min.)
    [UNC/Davenport film on an African American family in N.C. and its use of gospel music]
  110. “Sourwood Mountain Dulcimers.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1976. (28 min.)
    [On plucked dulcimers, with maker and player I. D.Stamper and revival musician John McCutcheon]
  111. “Spirits in the Wood: The Chainsaw art of Skip Armstrong.” Eugene, Ore.: Sharon R. Sherman, 1991. (28 min.)
    [Sharon Sherman video on an Oregon artist]
  112. “Sprout Wings and Fly.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1985. (30 min.)
    [Les Blank/Cece Conway/Alice Gerrard film on National Folk Heritage Fellowship fiddler Tommy Jarrell from Mount Airy, N.C.]
  113. “Step Back Cindy.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1991. (28 min.)
    [Anne Johnson film on social dance in southwest Va.]
  114. “Steppin’.” New York: Cinema Guild, 1992. (56 min.)
    [Jerald B. Harkness film on the step show popular with black fraternities and sororities, its cultural roots and present significance]
  115. “The Stone Carvers.” Los Angeles, Cal.: Direct Cinema. (29 min.)
    [Marjorie Hunt/Paul Wagner film on Italian-American stone carvers who worked on the National Cathedral in Washington, D. C.]
  116. “Style Wars.” 1985. (59 min.)
    [Tony Silver/Henry Chalfant film on graffiti artists in New York]
  117. “The Sunny Side of Life.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1985, (58 min.)
    [On The Carter Family, early Virginia country singers and their music hall, The Carter Family Fold]
  118. “Sweet is the Day: A Sacred Harp Family Portrait.” Montgomery, Ala.: Sacred Harp Video Project, 1999. (58 min.)
    [Erin Kellen/Jim Carnes video on the Wootten family Sacred Harp singers of Sand Mountain, Ala.]
  119. “Talking Feet. Southern Solo Dance: Buck, Flatfoot and Tap.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1992. (90 min.)
    [Mike Seeger anthology of 24 dancers filmed in West Va., Ky., Va., and N.C., with 150-page background booklet]
  120. “They Sing of a Heaven”: U of Miss Center for Public Service, 1972. (15 min.)
    [Jerry Stimpfle film on Sacred Harp shape-note singing in Mississippi]
  121. “Tommie Bass: A Life in the Ridge and Valley Country”, 1993. (58 min.)
    [Allen Tullos/Tom Rankin film on an Alabama herbalist]
  122. “Tradition” (Appalshop, 1974, 20 min.)
    [Glimpse of a Kentucky moonshiner’s life]
  123. “Tradition Bearers.” Marquette, Mich.: Up North Films, 1983. (47 min.)
    [Michael Loukinen film on Finnish communities in Michigan]
  124. “Traditions in Clay: C.J. and Cleater Meaders.” Cartersville, Ga: Wheeler Film/Tape. (10 min.)
    [Bob Wheeler video]
  125. “Two Black Churches.” Memphis, Tenn.: Center for Southern Folklore, 1975. (20 min.)
    [Bill Ferris film on contrasting styles of worship in a rural Baptist church in Mississippi and an urban Free Will Baptist church in Connecticut]
  126. “Two Homes, One Heart: Sacramento Sikh Women.” Marysville, Cal.: Joyce Middlebrook, (26 min.)
    [Joyce Middlebrook film on dance traditions of Sikh women immigrants]
  127. “Unbroken Tradition: Jerry Brown’s Pottery.” Whitesburg, Ky.: Appalshop, 1989. (28 min.)
    [Joey Brackner/Herb E. Smith film on a ninth-generation potter in Hamilton, Ala.]
  128. “We Shall Overcome.” San Francisco: California Newsreel, 1989. (58 min.)
    [History of the folk spiritual and its evolution use as a protest song]
  129. “Wedding Song: Henna Art among Pakistani Women in New York City.” Providence, R.I.: Susan Slyomovics, 1990 (40 min.)
    [Susan Slyomovics and Amanda Dargan video, with pamphlet; review-essays in JAF (Winter, 1996)]
  130. “Well Known Stranger: Howard Finster’s Workout” University, Miss.: Cima Productions, 1988.
    [Elizabeth Fine film on religious outsider artist]
  131. “A Well Spent Life.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1971. (44 min.)
    [Les Blank film on Texas bluesman Mance Lipscomb]
  132. “While the Ages Roll On—A Memorial.” [Boone, N.C.]: White Light Video, 1990. (56 min.)
    [Kevin Balling/Howard Dorgan video on Kentucky Old Regular Baptist family Memorial Day services]
  133. “Wild Women Don’t Have the Blues.” San Francisco: California Newsreel, 1989. (60 min.)
    [Carol Van Valkenburgh film on female blues singers]
  134. “Woodsmen and River Drivers: Another Day, Another Era.”Blue Hill Falls, Me.: Northeast Historic Film, 1989. (30 min.)
    [On work life of lumbermen on the Machias River in Maine]
  135. “Yum, Yum, Yum!: A Taste of the Cajun and Creole Cooking of Louisiana.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1990. (31 min.)
    [Les Blank film]
  136. “Ziveli: Medicine for the Heart.” El Cerrito, Cal.: Flower Films, 1987. (57 min.)
    [Les Blank film on the place of music in Serbian-American life]
  137. “Zydeco: Creole Music and Culture in Rural Louisiana.” Washington, D.C.: Center for Gulf South
  138. “History and Culture.” 1986. (56 min.)
    [Nick Spitzer film on African American dance-hall music in French-speaking southwest Louisiana, with Dolon Carriere, Armand Ardoin, and Alphonse “Bois Sec” Ardoin]

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