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Arthur Jackson
Principal information

Arthur "Sam" Jackson, also known as "Peg Leg Sam" traveled the United States, Cuba, Hati, Jamaica and the Bahamas performing in a variety medicine shows. He was born 18 December 1911 in Jonesville, South Carolina. Learning to play at a young age, he became a highly regarded harmonica virtuoso, performing tricks with the "blues harp," tossing the harmonica about while playing or playing several harmonicas at once. He was employed by the medicine show circuit most of his life, but in later years he toured festivals and the blues circuit. He made several recordings. When low on money, he would sometimes "busk" on the street, but preferred the medicine show. In the film Born for Hard Luck, one of his last medicine shows was videotaped at a county fair in 1972. He appears in the film Amelie by way of a clip from this film. His home was in South Carolina in 1975. Performances included harmonica solos, songs, parodies of sermons, folktales and buck dances. He returned to Jonesville and died there on October 27, 1977.

Full Name: Arthur Sam "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson

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Jackson, Arthur appears in
  Born for Hard Luck: Peg Leg Sam Jackson
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