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Blanche Joines
Principal information

Blanche was born June 19, 1922, on a farm in Iredell, a neighboring piedmont county. Her father left the family when she was two or three, and her mother moved to Kannapolis to earn a living taking in mill workers as boarders. She later moved back to a town in Iredell and remarried. Blanche loved school and was an excellent student, but could not attend beyond the seventh grade. At fourteen she worked for some months in the spinning room of a cotton mill (without pay during her training period), but had to leave when the Child Labor Law was passed. From then until her marriage she lived with her mother, helping her to farm and also picking some cotton and sewing for neighbors.

Full Name: Blanche Joines

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Folkstreams Filmography

Joines, Blanche appears in
  Being A Joines: A Life in the Brushy Mountains
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