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Making The Film

Going, Going, Going

Film by Deborah Cohen
Produced by Deborah Cohen, Raspberry Wood Productions
Cinematographer: Eric Edwards, Claire Stock
Sound: Dave Matthew, Carl Vandervoort
Editing: Rose Read, Lisa Suinn, Howard Beckerman
Copyright: 1989, Deborah Cohen
59 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam SP, 1990
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Deborah Cohen or to the distributor, Deborah Cohen, Raspberry Wood Productions.

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Going, Going, Going tells the story of aspiring auctioneer Mark Kuhn and how he learns his craft. Rural life is at the heart of the livestock autioneer's heritage and chosen profession. Going, Going, Going shows how the auctioneer pursuing this career fares among the shifting sands of today's disappearing rural world.

The film features master auctioneers including 1987 Reserve World Livestock Auctioneering Champion Joe Paryppa.