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Making The Film

Toot Blues

Film by Tim Duffy, Anna Ferrarie, Chris Johnstone
Produced by Tim Duffy with Denise Duffy
Cinematographer: Anna Ferrarie
Sound: Jerold Launer
Editing: Chris Johnstone and Anna Ferrarie
Copyright: 2009, Music Maker Foundation
01 hours, 14 minutes, Color
Original format: HDV, 2009
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Tim Duffy, Anna Ferrarie, Chris Johnstone or to the distributor, Music Maker Relief Foundation.

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In the late 1980s, Timothy Duffy, a penniless North Carolina musicology student, set out to document and preserve traditional southern roots and blues music.  On his travels from Winston-Salem’s drinkhouse music scene, an off-the-grid hotbed of gritty traditional blues, to deep-south family run churches, he found purpose and inspiration from a cast of amazingly talented, pure and unique set of characters (the artists!!). 

Toot Blues remarkably captures the true essence and talent of the artists from Guitar Gabriel, a ‘homeless magic potion selling’ blues genius; to Willa Mae Buckner, a snake charming elderly woman taunting delightfully raunchy blues; to Beverly ‘Guitar’ Watkins, a grandmother who continues to tear up the stage and play a killer electric guitar behind her head; to Bishop Dready Manning and family churning out homebrewed rockabilly-gospel; to Boo Hanks, an 80 year-old bluesman recording an album for the very first time; to blind guitarist, Cootie Stark, mesmerizing crowds world-wide while never failing to find his way home by himself.

Shortly after befriending and championing for these artists Tim quickly realized the limitations set upon them by living in poverty, not only in their struggles to survive and support their families but also their ability to afford time and outlets to continue with their deepest passions-music, by a simple twist of fate, Tim along with his wife Denise, began the Music Maker Relief Foundation.

With rare footage, interviews, and numerous live performances, the film documents these unique musicians, brought together through the Music Maker community and their shared and vital musical heritage.

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Wall to wall blues from unheralded artists. The film gives a glimpse of what is being lost and Tim Duffy's heroic efforts to document the passing. Artists: Guitar Gabriel, Willa Mae Buckner, Beverly "Guitar" Watson, Bishop Bready Mannjing, Boo Hanks, Cootie Stark
--- John Cohen