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Making The Film

High Steel

Film by Don Owens
Produced by Julian Biggs
Cinematographer: John Spotton
Sound: Ron Alexander
Editing: Don Owen
Copyright: 1965, National Film Board of Canada
14 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1965
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Don Owens or to the distributor, National Film Board of Canada.

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This short documentary offers a dizzying view of the Mohawk Indians of Kahnawake who work in Manhattan erecting the steel frames of skyscrapers. Famed for their skill in working with steel, the Mohawks demonstrate their nimble abilities in the sky. As a counterbalance, the viewer is also allowed a peek at their quieter community life on the Kahnawake Reserve, in Quebec. See photos of more contemporary work at