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Making The Film

Bellota - A Story of Round-Up

Film by Philip Spalding
Produced by The University of Arizona Radio-TV Bureau
Cinematographer: Philip Spalding, Harry Atwood
Sound: Harry Atwood
Editing: Philip Spalding, Harry Atwood
Copyright: 1969 University of Arizona Radio-TV Bureau
32 minutes, Color
Original format: Film: 16mm, 1969
Distributor: Philip Spalding
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The disappearing traditions of the old cattle ranches of the Southwest are presented in BELLOTA. This 1969 film concentrates on five Mexican American vacquero-cowboys riding a month-long roundup on an 82,000 acre ranch in the rugged high country of Southern Arizona.

"Let me commend to your attention this beautifully photographed, excellently edited, professionally put-together documentary. BELLOTA is about a way of life that is rapidly coming to an end…this saga about the Mexican-American cowboy…a film to savor, and to show not alone in Arizona but proudly in all parts of the nation."

James Manilla,Film News, NYC, 1972