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Making The Film

Uncle Dave Macon

Film by Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine
Produced by Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine
Cinematographer: Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine
Editing: Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine
Copyright: @1980 Sol Korine and Blaine Dunlap
58 minutes, Color
Original format: 3/4 inch videotape: U-matic, 1980
Distributor: Blaine Dunlap/PRESERIVSTA
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Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Blaine Dunlap, Sol Korine or to the distributor.

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Uncle Dave Macon, also known as "The Dixie Dewdrop"ówas an American old-time banjo player, singer, songwriter, and comedian. Known for his chin whiskers, plug hat, gold teeth, and gates-ajar collar, he gained regional fame as a vaudeville performer in the early 1920s before becoming the first star of the Grand Ole Opry in the latter half of the decade.

Macon's music is considered the ultimate bridge between 19th-century American folk and vaudeville music and the phonograph and radio-based music of the early 20th-century. Music historian Charles Wolfe wrote, "If people call yodelling Jimmie Rodgers 'the father of country music,' then Uncle Dave must certainly be 'the grandfather of country music'." Macon's polished stage presence and lively personality have made him one of the most enduring figures of early country music.