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Making The Film

A Cowhand's Song

Film by Gwendolyn Clancy, Nancy Kelly
Produced by Gwendolyn Clancy, Nancy Kelly
Cinematographer: G. Clancy. John Knoop, Tom West
Sound: Nancy Kelly
Editing: G. Clancy, N. Kelly
Copyright: 1981, Gwendolyn Clancy & Nancy Kelly
30 minutes, Color
Original format: Betacam Digital (Digi Beta), 1981
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This evocative documentary examines the plight of the ranchers of Nevada and California, who find their grazing areas increasingly threatened by many groups (even environmentalists) competing for use of the same public lands on which these ranchers depend. With its graceful images and emphasis on community and continuity, A Cowhand's Song makes a strong case for the preservation of a traditional way of life.