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Making The Film

Cooperative Grocery

Film by Stan Woodward
Produced by Stan Woodward
Cinematographer: Stan Woodward
Sound: Stan Woodward
Editing: Stan Woodward
Copyright: 2008 Stan Woodward
17 minutes, Color
Original format: DVCam: Sony, 2008
Distributor: Woodward Studio
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Stan Woodward or to the distributor, Woodward Studio.

This is a remarkable "inside" glimpse into Southern folk culture and the roots of Southern "raconteurship" at itís most authentic and best. The short work is edited from the archival footage gathered while the filmmaker was producing the CINE Award-winning, Carolina Hash: A Taste of South Carolina.

Researching South Carolina upstate hash traditions led to an old time country store in Abbeville, SC - one of the first "cooperative grocery" stores in the state. Folklife field research pointed to the Cooperative Grocery and a "hash master" who was said to be among the best in the upstate - Walt Wilson, operator of the Cooperative Grocery. In one of the most spontaneously-shot and humorous "first-person" camera runs of his career, Stan Woodward becomes the "fourth wheel" in a conversation around a card table that ranges from what constitutes the most outstanding hash in South Carolina to Strom Thurmond's longevity to an invitation at the end of the shoot to "Come shoot Walt cooking a traditional hash at one of our Southern wing-dingsÖ."