Stewbilee Entire Folkstreams

Making The Film


Film by Stan Woodward
Produced by Stan Woodward, Barbara Woodward
Cinematographer: Stan Woodward
Sound: Steve Godsey, Mark Gamble
Editing: Stan Woodward
Copyright: 2005 The Woodward Studio Limited
30 minutes, Color
Original format: DVCam: Sony, 2005
Distributor: Woodward Studio
More Film Facts
Home streaming only. For other permissions apply to Stan Woodward or to the distributor, Woodward Studio.

Every year in Brunswick, Georgia the town holds a folk heritage festival celebrating the roots of Brunswick stew - roots that they claim which are also claimed by Brunswick County, Virginia. Stew-masters from far and wide in Georgia - and often stew-masters from Virginia whenever a "Stew War" competition and stew cook-off occurs - gather and compete for awards for best stew.

A panel of judges is invited to sample-taste the stews in competition and vote for the ones they prefer. After learning that folklorist, Dr. John Burrison was invited to be a judge at the festival, Stan asked Dr. John Burrison, who had served as advisor on a number of other of his films, to join him as he documented the festival.

Together, prior to the festival, they explore the lore and folklife surrounding the Brunswick, Georgia claim to origins of the stew and come up with surprising stories of authentication that attribute the origin to both African American Sea-Island cooks and a longer tradition of stews cooked by the coastal Indian peoples.