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  • Prairie Quilts

    <p>Prairie Quilts explores the wonderful works of art, expressions of love, and legacies of comfort being made by contemporary quilters.</p>

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  • Fish Decoys

    <p>Join host Mark Greenig as he journeys through the lake country of Minnesota to meet with some of the best fish decoy carvers in the world. Meet John Jenson, Duey Johnston, Jay McEvers, Otis Lael, Bob Johnson, Lawrence Bethel, and others as they share their stories and a few secrets to their success. Learn the history of fish decoys, how they work, and how they're made. Discover why fish decoys have evolved from being tools for survival to highly sought after works of art.</p>

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  • LaVaughn Robinson; Dancing History

    <p>LaVaughn Robinson, a National Heritage Fellowship award winner, was a tap-dance virtuoso on the big-band circuit in the 1940s and ’50s who became a master teacher and a major force in tap’s revival.</p>

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  • A Cowhand's Song

    <p>This evocative documentary examines the plight of the ranchers of Nevada and California, who find their grazing areas increasingly threatened by many groups (even environmentalists) competing for use of the same public lands on which these ranchers depend.</p>

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  • Alex Green Tours Markham

    Alex Green, a long time store keeping and post master in the small Virginia town of Markham, tells stories about the town with his daughter Mary Blake Green.

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  • Ranch Album

    <p>Ranch Album celebrates rough country ranching in Northern Arizona and shows real cowboy life.</p>

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  • God Given

    <p>The exquisite metal repoussé artistry and life experiences of Norik Astvatsaturov, formerly of Baku, Azerbaijan, now an American citizen in Wahpeton, North Dakota, reflect in microcosm the history and culture of Armenia.</p>

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  • The Germans from Russia

    <p>The Germans from Russia is the story of the Germans from Russia - agricultural pioneers on several continents whose quest for land and peace shaped them into a distinctive and enduring ethnic group.</p>

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  • A Soulful Sound

    <p>Throughout their travels, this enduring ethnic group maintained their traditional religious music, their lullabies and folk songs, their vocal and instrumental music. "A Soulful Sound: Music of the Germans from Russia" blends expert commentary with performances of traditional music—in the original language—from regional talent.</p>

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  • Recipes from Grandma's Kitchen: Volume 2

    <p>From the Russian steppe to the American prairies, the resourcefulness of the Germans from Russia, particularly in the preparation of food for large families, has become a rich legacy. In German-Russian life, “food was love,” and prairie mothers who left no record of their lives are remembered daily in the recipes and rituals of food preparation.</p>

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