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A Select Othar Turner Discography

A Select Othar Turner Discography

A select Othar Turner discography

(CDs unless noted)

Field Recordings from Gravel Springs, Mississippi

  • 7" (Sugar Ditch)
  • Everybody Hollerin' Goat (Birdman)
  • From Senegal to Senatobia (Birdman)


  • Traveling Through the Jungle (Testament)
  • Living Country Blues (Evidence)
  • Afro -American Folk Music from Tate and Panola Counties, Mississippi (Rounder)
  • Mississippi Delta Blues Jam in Memphis, Vol. I (Arhoolie) (reissue from Memphis Swamp Jam on Blue Thumb. Turner's tune on the CD is unedited.)
  • It Came from Memphis, Vol. 2, (Birdman) (contains a tune that also appears on Everybody Hollerin' Goat)

* As of this writing, Abron Jackson cannot be heard on any commercially available recordings.