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Joy Unspeakable Transcription, Joy Unspeakable

Joy Unspeakable Transcription, Joy Unspeakable

FEMALE SAINT #1 [AT HOME]: God has a hand in whatever we do.[1] Whatever we do down the line he has a hand in it; he sees that we make it. And if you serve God you make it. I make it. I thought--eleven and a half years ago I lost my husband. And he was so dependable; I depended on him for everything.

And I’ll never forget the night he laid right here in front of this window, I thought, “Lord, how can I make it?” And I was saved! But there was a doubt. See you have them, don’t you? They come, like a flash. A doubt came through my mind, “Without him I can’t make it.”

I’ve been making it for eleven and a half years, you know how I make it? I make it because the hand of God sees that I make it.


There are so many churches where you go to and you can never, you can’t ever, express yourself! [2] You never have the freedom to say--or to rejoice. You know I—Oh. I can’t imagine being a Christian and having the joy of the Lord and wanting to rejoice--Uh, the Bible tells us, the Psalms tell us to rejoice, [3]

and going into the congregation of the Lord and never being able to rejoice—

I can’t, just can’t imagine what that would be like. Of course, I’ve been raised Pentecostal all my life.


I’ll never forget that night my dad, uh, came to me in the altar service, and he said—-I was still sitting, I was still watching—-and for the first time in our lives my dad said, “I love you.” And you know, um--I don’t know if you’re allowed to cry on these tapes--He told me he loved me, and this was a change, you know? And I accepted it, I said, “God, this is something different for my dad to come across.” From the old macho image of—we never touched, we never had a communication. I was a sick child, and I was sick a lot of years, and I think he kind of resented this in his son. But we--I never went hunting with him, I never went fishing, there was noth—you’ve got to understand, there was years of nothing--And he walked up and he loved me, and it changed our lives. [4]





I don’t know what you came to do

But I came to praise the Lord



What does it mean to be Pentecostal? Most Pentecostal people define the Pentecostal experience as a personal receiving of the Holy Ghost through speaking in tongues. This is an experience that changes their lives.


Pentecostalism is a 20th century phenomenon. Traveling preachers brought the Pentecostal message to Southern Indiana in the early 1900s. Since then, several different types of Pentecostalism have developed. In Southern Indiana, one of the most prominent types is Holiness, or Oneness Pentecostalism. Oneness is based on the belief that Jesus Christ is the incarnate God, and that father, son, and Holy Ghost are one and the same. Thus Oneness Pentecostals worship Jesus, and baptize only in his name. [5] Because of this attitude toward God and Jesus, and because their strict social standards often come in conflict with the rest of the community, Pentecostals are often misunderstood. [6]

This program will follow a Bloomington, Indiana Oneness congregation, starting with a special service featuring a traveling religious rock group, David and the Giants. [7]





I had an optimal experience

And I began to speak with other tongues

You might have thought I was drunk

But I was drunk on that new wine, Hallelujah [8]

I had an optimal experience

Thank you, Jesus. Hallelujah…

About 2000 years ago on the day of Pentecost

They were all joined together, everyone man of one accord

Now won’t you listen to me,

Whether you be Baptist or Methodist, Presbyterian or Lutheran

Jehovah’s Witness, Muhammad Ali

It just don’t matter what you are,

you’ll still feel the room where you’re sitting

And we all need the Holy Ghost, oh, we do

You need that optimal experience…

You’ll be blessed to speak with other tongues

Some people might think we’re drunk, you know what I mean

But you’ll be drunk on that new wine, Hallelujah

You need that optimal experience

I had an optimal experience

And I began to speak with other tongues

Some people thought I was drunk

But I was drunk on that new wine, hallelujah,

I had an optimum experience


I want to thank you, Jesus.


There’s only one that can give you that gift and his name is Jesus Christ.

Can we all just praise him once again, to the clapping of our hands, from your heart, give him praise. [9] We’re so glad you all are here tonight. This is um, a very exciting time to live in right now, because there’s so many people that’s coming to Jesus Christ that’s forgetting denominations, and forgetting all that stuff, forgetting what first church you belonged to and all that stuff, but they’re going back to the word of the Lord, and finding out how it first started off. [10] And so tonight, so many in this room have the same likeness as the Lord Jesus Christ, because we identify with him, because of his death, and his burial, and his resurrection. [11] By repenting we die out the sin, and then we’re buried with him, Jesus Christ, in baptism. [12] You see, he died for everybody’s sins, he took them upon his own self, and that’s why when you’re baptized, it must be in the name of Jesus Christ, because everything you do-and in word and in deed—is only in the name of Jesus Christ.



And then--You gonna receive something, you gonna receive something that the world is still searching for, but a lot of people are finding it. It’s called the gift of the Holy Ghost. [13]


LEAD SINGER (O/C): And all that have talked to God, about our eternal destiny,

I’d like right now for everyone in the building that would step out from where you are…


NARRATOR (V/O): Pentecostal services often end with an altar call, when people are urged to seek the Holy Ghost. [14]



Can we do that right now? God bless you, that’s right, God bless you, that’s right, Lets pray to God you all, pray together, that’s right.

Everyone else is come, would you like to come pray with us?

Please touch their hearts, please touch their hearts, they don’t understand.

That’s right just step out now, give it all to Jesus.


Give it all to Jesus

He will turn the sorrow into joy

Joy unspeakable, [15]

And he’s full of glory,

He’ll put a smile on your face, where there used to be a frown,

Just give it all, give it all

Give it all to Jesus, Hallelujah

Just give it all, give it all, give it all to Jesus…

Give it all to Jesus…

He will turn the sorrow into joy




NARRATOR (V/O): Speaking in tongues is viewed as the manifestation of the receiving of the Holy Ghost. [16]



That’s good, that’s good, Ian, that’s good…

PREACHER #1: Everyone come, come this away just a few moments. After what the Lord has done, let’s worship God with this little boy and whoever else is seeking the Lord. At the baptismal moment, just move in closer, will you brother…Praise God, Praise God. He has done great things tonight. His spirit is here. I wonder if all over the building, you could just lift your hands to thank him for what he’s done tonight. Hallelujah. Everybody, please, join us.

Thank you Lord, for your goodness. Thank you for your power. Thanks for your wonderful service, and thank the Lord because the word of God has gone forth,

and heard the message of life, both in preaching and in singing…the melody has rung in our hearts. Now just reach out and shake hands with four people, right now, before you leave here, want to be around the altar, that’s fine. Praise Lord…

CONGREGATION MEMBERS: Thank you, Thank you so much, Thank you Jesus, we love you, Thank you Jesus…

LEAD SINGER, DAVID AND THE GIANTS (O/C): Hallelujah, Hallelujah, I love you Jesus…Go ahead and talk to him like he was your best friend, because he is your best friend. Yes, Jesus…Hallelujah, Hallelujah,…Thank you God. Lord we thank you because we know there’s none of us are good, none of us are deserving of your love. You didn’t die for us because we’re so good, Lord, you died for us because we needed your love, thank you God for being so generous and compassionate and so kind.


FEMALE SAINT #2 [AT HOME WITH HUSBAND AND SON, TRACY]: My girlfriend and I when we first entered in this Pentecostal church--it’s kind of going back—and I remember seeing the people raising their hands and speaking in tongues, and some of them just really overjoyed, and one little lady shouting, and we sat back there and I would just laugh. [17] Because I thought this is really unreal. Because when I was raised in the Baptist church if I coughed—you know, my dad was pulling my hair, and saying, “Be quiet, you know you’re in church, you’re supposed to reverence the house of God.” And when I see these people clapping their hands and raising their hands to worship the Lord, I thought, “This is, you know, this is, really, out of place for them to do this in church. Church is to come and sit still.” And it was hard for me to understand that. The first time I went I sat back and I laughed. And the second night after that I came back, because I thought I would laugh again. And, um, the Lord really started convicting my heart, because I realized it was more than just watching people, but they did have something that they were expressing and it was real.


People call the Pentecostals “holy rollers.” [18] Which came from when people would get converted, you know, some of them, maybe, not all of them, rolled in the floor, and some of them maybe, uh, did roll on the floor, and they called everybody then holy rollers. I didn’t like that. Because I didn’t, I, I think that everybody maybe don’t receive their baptism the same. As of today they don’t. And I just, uh, resented that phrase. [19]


I really feel, I really feel that if the world could look at Pentecost—

I got to get my hands going-[LAUGHTER] if the world could look at Pentecost and take like this family right here. God did not save us to be separate from the world. And this is what people think; they think Pentecost is sitting with their religion in their hand and we’ve got the only answer for the world, and here we are devout and straight-faced, and we are going to save the world. And in the last year this has changed, in Pentecost, and it’s come to a point where we’ve got it, we’ve got the answer for the world, we’ve got the answer for what’s gonna happen when the volcanoes start and the earthquakes and the rivers turn to blood, and all this starts happening you guys are gonna come and ask us, “What was your entire message again?”

And what I’m trying to say is, for so long we walked around with the—“Hey we’ve got it—we’ve got the answer for the world.” And we’ve become unreal people.

And its time for them to see that we have joy, that we’re real people, we act crazy, we take our shoes off and run down the beaches with everybody else,

And that Tracy is not a plastic person who doesn’t have a goal in life, but he realizes the world he lives in—and then we’re nuts for Jesus and we’re happy about it. We go into restaurants and people want to know what kind of religion we are—not because of what we look like—but because they feel a joy about us. [20]


The thing that’s most misunderstood about Pentecostal people, they—a lot of people look at them like they are maybe a freak—and that they’re completely different from other people in the world. And because of our standards that are set up—the Bible tells us we should be a modest and a moderate people— [21]and we set up a standard that might seem extreme to the outside world, when actually we feel that it’s a modest moderation in the church. [22] And there’s such a short time that we have to witness to other people to let them know what they can receive, and a change that can take place in their lives. And the people on the outside are just looking at us like, uh, we’re freaks, and really, we aren’t.



NARRATOR (V/O): Stereotypes about Pentecostals arise because they often live, act, and dress differently from others in the community. Because women are the primary caretakers of the children they are concerned that their children are raised in the church.

Active church participation is considered an extremely important part of a Pentecostal woman’s life. Regular worship services are attended throughout the week. [23]

FEMALE SAINT #5 [AT HOME]: I remember when my parents and my aunts and uncles, mother’s sister’s brothers, and they would all come and get in the big living room, and everybody had to get in there and listen. And they would read to us, and they would tell us, and they would teach us, and if one tried to creep out you just grabbed a hold of ‘em back here, you know what I mean, so to speak, you had to get back and listen. When I grew up you had to listen, and you had to listen to the Bible. But they weren’t mean to you about it they just said you had to do it, they were going to be right, you know, ‘cause the Bible says “You bring your children up in the way and the way will not leave them.” [24]


FEMALE SAINT #3 [WITH DAUGHTER, ELLEN]: So I raised my children real kind of serious, you know, because those days, they didn’t believe that little girls should have their hair cut. And Ellen, my daughter, she had long braids down her back, and she only got curls if it was like a special day at church, you know, or a family reunion or something like that. And uh, she wasn’t allowed to wear ankle socks, she had to wear long socks, long hose and you know, her sleeves had to be at least to your elbow.

ELLEN: Most of my friends were people that uh, was in the church, that’s—

When I was little, my parents would go to visit, every Saturday night they would go places or they would have people over to their home. And we played church, that was part of the game we played. Uh one little guy he’d always get to preaching and he’d always try for me to get the Holy Ghost, he tried to give it to me all the time, and I was stubborn, I probably was more afraid than anything, and I wouldn’t let him help me out with it.



PASTOR [AT CHURCH OFFICE]: The women I think have always been prone to love Christ more in numbers than men, especially in America. Now, uh, our missionaries tell us in some of the foreign countries that where men are in complete control, that if you get the man of the house, you automatically get his wife, and the children. Of course here in America with the different culture we appeal to all people. So lots of times women who feel the need of Christ, who have the burden of the children, bearing the children, so forth, and the burden of being a good wife, they feel that they need the Lord’s help, more maybe than what men do.

NARRATOR (V/O): When young people are exposed to the world, they must learn to deal with the conflicting expectations of their church, and a more liberal society.


I stood where

I turned back, I long to go home,

After all the things that I’ve done

The way I’ve been living…

FEMALE SAINT #5 [OUTDOORS] Mom and Dad never said, “You cannot do this and you cannot do that.” They just sort of said, you know, “This is the way we feel and you do the way you want to do,” you know. And uh, in school sometimes you know it was tempting, because the kids did seem to be having a good time. But every time I would think about going out into the world or maybe going to a dance or something, I would think, “What if the Lord came right then?” And I really don’t think I would go if I was at a place like that. And to me missing heaven for one dance or maybe you know doing one thing, maybe one time, which it would just last for a few minutes or maybe you know a half an hour. I thought, “What if I had to live through eternity not you know, not making it to heaven just because I goofed up one time?” And so really I counted the cost, and I decided that living for Jesus was well worth missing out on a few things. [25]



Now I was almost

Down to the gatepost Hallelujah…

Fearing the next step and feeling alone

Praise stood beside me

Praise came to meet me

To lead me back home

Praise came to meet me

To lead me back home

FEMALE SAINT #6: I can say that I am free indeed this night, I am free from everything that goes on in college, I am free from all the temptations of the discos, and the boyfriends, and all that stuff. I am free, I’m going to be graduating in December, I am free of the fear of going out into the business world because I know that Jesus is with me. He gave me the right to say it, but you have to let him.


FEMALE SAINT #6: You have to let him make you free. You have to give him your life and you have to live for him, every day, every hour, every minute. He loves me and he’s made me free and I’m so happy and I just want to praise him for it.. [26]

CONGREGATION MEMBERS: Praise God, Hallelujah, Praise God.


TRACY [AT HOME WITH PARENTS]: I was thankful that I’ve had the strength of God to pull me through all this. But, you know, like, such as drugs, that’s a big issue right now, um people my age and uh--In the church world, the standards and the things they’re allowed to do—It’s not the what I’m not allowed to do, that’s not the fact with me, I don’t really care about that, see, because when I left things out in the world, God gave something in its place. Such as I used to be real hip and really going into Karate, I really thought that was really the way to get to where I wanted to be, as far as physical you know, and being accepted socially. But then the Lord showed me what I really needed to be. Because you know, I can go on and fight my battles physical, if I want to, I can go at everything as a physical aspect. But then it’s going to come to that point where I’m going to have to let spiritual sides take over. Because life it’s not always going to be that physical battle, you’re going to have to let that spiritual battle start taking over. And God just gave me strength to see, you know, let him take over. [27]

ELLEN: Well, with my boys, might be different than my own experience because I don’t have to worry with my boys not wearing their dresses long, not wearing, not cutting their hair, not wearing make-up or jewelry. It s a whole different thing with a boy, and I’ve had three.

The things I had to worry about, Probably my biggest worry was when they wanted to go to movies, we just didn’t allow that, that was just “No, you can’t attend movies,” but I did let them go up to the library when there was library movies.

And we were taught that these things were worldly, and you just didn’t go to those places.

Uh, that was my first son, probably one of his, maybe, one of his disappointments was he came in and he said uh, “Well next week is the prom and I’m going.”

And I said uh, “Alright, you can, fine, that’s fine with me, you go, Tony, to the prom.” And I said, “But I want to talk to you about it just a little bit.”

And so I go upstairs, I said uh, “Tony, you know you can’t go to the prom, and play your trumpet in church. Now you’re welcome to go to the prom, but you cannot grace the front of the church anymore, if you go.” And um, he said, “Alright,” and he didn’t go, so I was real proud of him.


Back to the same place from where I have roamed

My father was waiting, I’d been gone so long

When praise came to meet me, to lead me back home

PASTOR: Uh, we do not want parents or children to say our church says so and so. This, I think, is a mistake. We would immediately question the parents and the child, “Is this your personal, real, convictions?” Because after all, where do we start with this? You know, people can take anybody’s word for anything,

but there isn’t a real deep conviction there. Then the school, would, I think would be fair, and would be very wise to excuse the child if this was what the parents wanted from the activity in question.



NARRATOR (V/O): Probably the most physical manifestation of Pentecostalism to the non-believer is outward appearance. This is most evident on restrictions with women’s hair and clothing. These restrictions are biblical, and Pentecostals take the Bible very literally.


MALE SAINT #1: The whole Pentecostal philosophy as far as child rearing is concerned is protecting the children from the world, in quotes. Uh, now, it would be different to be raised a girl because uh, the whole idea of standards, as far as dress is concerned for instance um, has a great, it depends a great deal on a woman’s outward appearance uh, because uh, the key word for any Pentecostal I think should be modesty. [28]

ELLEN: And the holiness thing I always want to, I don’t ever want to offend my brother. [29] Our church basically believes that women should wear their hair long and clean, that’s what we’re taught at our church, and different churches differ. Uh maybe, there’s scripture on long hair, but maybe the one that our pastor teaches us is more is your hair is your glory, so the more glory you have, you know, you can use all you’ve got, so maybe that’s good.

Um, but um. You know, however, um, holiness comes from within. If you get it in here the rest comes out and its not a special expression of how you dress, and how you look, and sure, I don’t want to go out to offend someone or hurt someone, but I feel like, that if my dress sleeves are here, and it would offend my brother, I would put ‘em down to here, that’s basically how I feel about it.

I don’t want to ever offend anyone.

Our church doesn’t believe that you should wear lots of jewelry, a wedding band,

a watch, you know, just not a lot of jewelry.


Everlasting life

Everlasting life is free

I’m so glad he is good to me

Everlasting life is free


PASTOR: The reason is that God has always wanted the woman to look like a woman, and the man to look like a man. That’s the reason that the average Pentecostal church uh, wants their men to be shaven and have a shorter haircut, uh, than women, of course. Like a man’s haircut, and women have had long hair.

Paul said it was their glory, [30]I believe that. I believe that a woman with a beautiful head of hair, uh, is her glory and enhances her, and causes her to take on a beauty.

Now there’s something deeper than that. The apostle Paul, I feel, was trying to indicate or trying to drive the point home, that this was one way that the woman showed her subjection to her husband or to men, if in the case of a single girl it be to her father, in case of a married woman it be to her husband, and/or to the general public of men. [31]



The comforter has come

The comforter has come

FEMALE SAINT #7 [GIVING TESTIMONY AT SERVICE]: I’d just like to say my testimony that he has truly been my comfort, I don’t know what I would have done without the Lord. He’s kept me, he saved me first, but most of all he’s kept me, and that’s what I appreciate most. It’s not, it’s not how long, but it’s what you’ve done in all those months or years that you’ve lived for him, if you go through a trial and then say, he’s still my comforter. He’s healed my body many, many times. Three weeks ago I laid in a hospital bed, and I, you’re never assured of a tomorrow, never. But that song kept going over and over in my mind, “Whatever my lot, it is well with my soul.” And that means everything to me tonight, to stand here and say for the glory of God that it is well with my soul. I appreciate him tonight, and I want you to listen to the words in the song’s next verse:


Oh behold the king of kings,

He has healing in his grace

To every captive soul

A full deliverance brings

And through the vacant space

This song of triumph brings

That the Comforter, the Comforter, has come

NARRATOR (V/O): Most Pentecostals testify that they have had a personal healing, which they attribute to God. Although Pentecostals will go to doctors and hospitals, ultimately they believe the power of healing is in God’s hands.

FEMALE SAINT #1: And I tell you a short story. I had cancer, and they did me up, and I—because of this little Jimmy I kept—he cried for me so hard when I left, and they’s taking me down to the—“I said, “Lord.”

I just held my hand up.

--And Dr. Hollin was following and if he were still living, he’d tell you, following right behind me—and I said, “Lord, just let me live long enough to raise Jimmy.” And God healed me of cancer.

PASTOR: Well, we don’t, we don’t have to find doctors, and hospitals and medicine to teach divine healing, because divine healing is something that God alone can give. And we do not believe that the only healing is divine healing.

We believe there is divine healing, it happens real often, and it’s very instant. [32] Then there is progressive healing. And in recent years, I am convinced that all healing, regardless of whether it comes through medication, comes through surgery, or comes through the care of the doctors and the hospitals and the nurses, but basically speaking, to Christian people who pray, who do trust Christ, all healing comes from the Lord.

FEMALE SAINT #1: Well, I tell you where the doctors get into it. Is that the Bible said that he put the uh, herbs of the nation here, put herbs in the fields for the healing of the nation. [33] And he put, he made man. When he made man he made us so we got a brain, and so we can use it, and it’s our faults if we don’t use our brain. Even to think about God—it’s our fault—if we don’t think about God and use our brain to that effect, that’s our fault. So he put the doctor here, I mean, he made man, and the doctor has picked up the thing. And I don’t think it’s a sin to take medicine, if you need medicine, but you got to thank the Lord for your healing.


…a promise given

Oh, and spread the tidings well

Where ever … dwell

The comforter, the comforter,

The comforter has come…



Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord Almighty

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord Almighty

Which was, and is, and is to come

NARRATOR (V/O): Pentecostals spend their summers going from their home church to revivals and camp meetings to renew their experience with God and to have fellowship with other Pentecostals. This church camp located in Southern Indiana draws Pentecostals from several nearby states.


Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Let’s stand and sing it, Hallelujah

Let camp meeting ‘80 close with a great blessing of God

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord Almighty

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord Almighty

Which was, and is, and is to come

Holy, holy, holy is the Lord

I cannot fear the Lord

I cannot fear the Lord

Praise Lord, everybody. Praise God. Billy Graham has said that the hope of this country is a return to apostolic revival. [34]


EVANGELIST #1: I’d like to suggest that before there can be an Apostolic revival there must be a return to Apostolic doctrine.


EVANGELIST #1: Thank God, I believe that you here at Stanislaus Camp agree with me, that central and fundamental to an apostolic revival doctrine is the identity of our savior.


EVANGELIST #1: We have to know who the messiah is, I know his name, you worship the Lord with me if you would, because that name is powerful, and that name has set us free from our sins, and can you all say that name with me?


EVANGELIST #1: Say it again!


EVANGELIST #1: One more time!


EVANGELIST #1: What name were you baptized in?


EVANGELIST #1: What name are you healed in?


EVANGELIST #2: He’s my Lord, and the spirit, and there’s a song that we often sing that if he’s not Lord of everything, then he’s not Lord at all, Hallelujah.

Isn’t God good?


EVANGELIST #2: Again we want to say that for camp 1980 that this has been a very special occasion for us, had several special groups that have visited us during the week, several ministers from as far as three or four hundred miles away, and plus a few of us from out of state, camp fires have come and people have visited and shared their experiences of Jesus Christ with this camp. New churches have arrived to worship with us. I believe we are living in that day when God is going to tear down every wall and let people focus in on the master,

and let him be the Lord and solve all the problems that we’ve tried to solve for so long. And I believe that Jesus Christ and his amazing grace can take care of every need, don’t you?


EVANGELIST #1: How many thank God for that amazing Grace?

[SINGING] Amazing Grace,

How sweet the sound,

That saved a wretch like me,

I once was lost but now I’m found…


NARRATOR (V/O): Most Pentecostals clearly remember the first time they received the Holy Ghost through speaking in tongues.


Was blind, but now I see…

ELLEN: I received the Holy Spirit, uh, we still were in that tarrying for a long time thing, I tarry, you tarry, I tarried, probably two months before I received it. [35] And I don’t remember receiving, uh, I was really happy about it, but it wasn’t what I had expected. I uh, I thought I might fly away. When I got it, well, I didn’t know what it was, and I had a fear of it, I didn’t know what it was about, and for me to go get it was scary, and a couple times I almost got it, and I got up from praying and left, I wouldn’t stay with it, uh because I didn’t know what would happen to me.

Uh, but when I did speak in tongues I remember on the way home if someone would ask me something, it would never come out in English, I could never respond until the next morning, and the English language wasn’t there, the next morning it was alright.

FEMALE SAINT #1: But, I’ll never forget the night I got the Holy Ghost. I saw a light, off to the left of me, and I felt like just a beautiful light, and a beautiful feeling, and then I started speaking once I saw this light, and it just rolled out like, just like, you know, and then I felt good, way better than when I was baptized. I felt like, that now I can make it.

FEMALE SAINT #3: Well, now my experience with the Baptism of the Holy Ghost was not like my husband’s, because he had, he got the Holy Ghost right away, you know, and I was sitting upstairs in the church we attended then, uh, and I had my two children up there on a bench, and uh, they come up there and they said,

“Oh, your husband’s getting the Holy Ghost, come down here.”

And when I walked in the room it was just full of light, a radiant light in that room, and this one brother that was praying with my husband, and he was absolutely, just—as I opened the door, I guess God planned this for me to see—

this one brother was just knocked backwards, just like somebody knocked him down, because the power of God was so strong in that room.

Now, when I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, think I was a little harder to convert, you know, and I kept tarrying, kept tarrying, and I thought, “Well, I guess I’ll never get it, I’ll just have to give it up you know,” because I had tarried for so long, you know, but if I had just accepted it, you know, it’s faith you know, because it’s a promise already.

And so I was tarrying.

It was the last night at the revival, and I’m not for sure, Brother Taylor might have been holding our revival because he helped us with revival. And anyway, I can’t remember who the man was who was holding the revival, but it was the last night, and they said, “Now if you’ve come all of this time, or you just come forth tonight, this may be the night you receive the Holy Ghost.”

And I was kind of disgusted like, and I thought, “Well, I’ll go, because it’s the last night, and if the Lord comes I’m not ready,” you know.

And so I went up there and I just kneeled down, you know, and it was, and then I got this, well, I don’t know what, this real bad feeling like “I just got to get it tonight,” you know. And I just really earnestly prayed, you know, and all at once I just felt this glow just move into me, you know. And I just—if I ever shouted in my life it was that night, and I was sitting straight on the floor, you know, and then I knew I had the Baptism.

EVANGELIST #2: Hallelujah, thank you Lord Jesus, hallelujah, there’s something about the touch of the master, makes everything alright, doesn’t it? [36]

Hallelujah, praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, Praise God.


Thank you Jesus, isn’t it wonderful.

The language that he communicates with his anointed. [37]



A deeper love, I loved my husband, I loved him very much when we were married,

but I never really knew the love that, until I received God’s love.

MALE SAINT #3: He brings a man and his wife closer together. Understanding in things,

you, after you receive the Holy Ghost, you have an understanding in things that you would never have before, and I would not have known that had I not received the Holy Ghost. And you have a closeness, I tell you, our lives were just changed completely. [38]

MALE SAINT #5 [OUTDOORS]: When the Holy Ghost comes it takes over the tongue,

and we speak in a language that God gives us, in a heavenly language, and uh, you, you, that sensational spirit power is in our lives and then of course you want to share that.

FEMALE SAINT #4: There’s another thing I’d like to say about Pentecost, that just come to me, uh, a lot of churches offer a change, and a lot of churches offer a Christian belief, but there’s one thing about when you receive the Holy Ghost, you receive a power within you that really helps you decide and directs your thinking in another way. There is a definite power within you that allows you to overcome. And without the Holy Ghost within you, I don’t think you could do that, even though you would be a Christian and have a Christ-like nature, the Holy Ghost still gives you a power beyond that.


EVANGELIST #2: Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord. We invite you in this service tonight God, we invite your blessings to be here with us, we invite the power of the Holy Spirit to be here. Let the mighty, mighty outpouring of your presence come here now Lord, bless your people as they respond, bless the word of the Lord as it goes forth, let your servant be anointed to do the work of God, in Jesus’ name, everybody say in Jesus’ name.

CONGREGATION: In Jesus’ name.

EVANGELIST #2: You may be seated.

What am I talking about, nobody else could do that friend, I’m talking about Jesus of Nazareth, I’m talking about Jehovah God of the Old testament, made flesh in the new testament, I’m talking about he alone that stepped out on the waters. [39] He alone that smited himself, and ties the stars up, and makes the moon uh, and uh the uh sun go round, that’s the one that was able to look through that woman, [40] and that’s the one I’m talking about, and preaching to you about this very night. Hallelujah, everybody say praise the Lord again.

CONGREGATION: Praise the Lord!

EVANGELIST #2: Oh, I don’t want you to go to sleep! He’s a good God isn’t he, and I’m feeling here he’s helping somebody tonight, somebody’s getting some help tonight, somebody’s feeling the personality of Jesus tonight, somebody’s feeling God, in the form of his spirit come touching them, reaffirming, and helping their needs, and that’s why we’ve come.

Praise the Lord.

What did you say, Jesus?

You can’t see the Kingdom of God; you can’t see the kingdom of God except you’re born of water? [41]

I don’t understand.

What do you mean?

Well, I’ll tell you something, Peter, who had the keys to the kingdom, [42]

recognized by divine inspiration, when he was moved on to speak at his notorious Pentecostal message, then Peter said unto them, “Repent, every one of you, and be baptized.” [43] How? How? In Jesus’ Name! Prepare to be baptized every one of you, in the name of Jesus and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. No wonder Jesus said you got to be born of water, baptism, and the spirit receiving of the Holy Ghost, that’s the reason why he can say that, and he told Nicodemus that. [44] Peter could only say it after Pentecost, only Jesus could say it before Pentecost, because the secret was in his heart, the secret was in the plan of God. Let me speak to you now in the final closing moments of this message, [45] I know that you came discouraged perhaps, there’s a problem world outside there, but he is a problem solver, he understands…


NARRATOR: Camp meetings often culminate with several people getting the Holy Ghost, and speaking in tongues.

EVANGELIST #2: What do you want from the Lord, do you feel bound? Would you like to have more power? Come on, here’s a place to find me, an individual God, come on now, come on now get out of your seats, that’s right move aside, come on now, here’s the place to come, it’s that meeting time, that’s right.


Some are receiving the Holy Ghost tonight, some are being blessed, but I got the feeling, you know what I got the feeling that there are some here that would like to have victory and you feel bound, and you don’t feel like you are getting anywhere, and you just kind of inhibited, you know I’d like to see you do, I’d like to see you step out the faith, I’d like for us to clear these aisles, and anybody that wants victory, that doesn’t have it, or you’d just like to have more victory, lets have a victory march, let’s march around here, let’s let the walls of resistance fall down, let’s wave our handkerchiefs, this is camp meeting, isn’t it? [46]

Hallelujah, let’s, as we sing this song now, Amen, as we sing this song get your handkerchief out men, ladies, if you want to march with us that’s fine, lets march up and down these aisles, lets have a victory march, lets wave our handkerchiefs at the Lord, lets have victory, sure, march up and down these aisles, ooooohhhh yes, oh let us see, come on now, that’s right wave you handkerchief, let us see, victories going to be ours, let us see, and he brought life, that’s right, that’s right…


Let us see

Let us see rejoice

Let us see

Let us rejoice


ELLEN: When someone is around the altar praying, if you’re there in the midst,

you have an automatic joy, and automatic, it just comes to everyone there. And you can feel when they are getting close to receiving the Holy Spirit, and everyone has a joy, and you have a real love for people when you receive it.

I just--it’s uh, it’s strange because, if you haven’t, if you haven’t really cared about people, you suddenly really do care about people, and whoever happens to be there if it’s a sister in the Lord, or if it’s a strange lady you’ve never seen you—It’s automatic to just give her a hug, you just feel real good about that. [47]

MALE SAINT #1: Of course the Pentecostal church as a whole has a very, very, kind of familiar feel, um, we call each other brothers and sisters, and we are brothers and sisters. I think that, that this is one place where, that, we don’t feel, um, that we would hesitate to be able to talk to anyone. You know I could go to, to people my age, my peer group, or I could go to people who are older, and ask advice, counseling because I’ve done it.

MALE SAINT #6 [STANDING UP WITHIN CONGREGATION] That you give up to Jesus Christ, Hallelujah, thank you Jesus, that, that, that, are things you don’t need anymore, you know, there are things that can roll by the wayside, all that loneliness, all those times when you wondered, when you had people you thought were your friends and stabbed you in the back, or something out in the world, you know, you give that all up to Jesus Christ. But look what you’re gonna get, look what you’re gonna get. Man, I got a family, I’ve got a family here that’s closer--and I love them more than my blood related family, Praise the Lord, and I love my blood related family a whole lot, I love these people, Hallelujah, I’ve got peace in my heart, and you can’t get that out there, I know. [48]

FEMALE SAINT #1: God has a hand in whatever we do. Whatever we do down the line he has a hand in it; he sees that we…make it. And if you serve God you make it, I make it.


Moving the Holy Ghost, get the Victory, Hallelujah…

Let us see

Let us rejoice

Let us see

Let us rejoice