Letter of Proposal (English Translation)

Letter of Proposal (English Translation)

Letter Written in El Rito to Propose Marriage

This is the full text of the letter from which Sr. José Rómulo Martínez reads in the film.  The English translation is by Professor Enrique R. Lamadrid.

El Rito New Mexico December 31, 1909

Señores Don Jesús Martínez and Doña Benigna L. Martínez

            Dearest Sirs of my Highest Esteem,

            Being that the Highest and wise providence of the Creator is that which leads to the place of his calling, I will manifest to you that my humble son Clemente Abel Trujillo your faithful servant has manifested to me that having been inclined towards the fine and beautiful qualities that adorn the illustrious Señorita your daughter Amada Martínez:  He has implored me to request the hand of your daughter for our son so that they be united in the indissoluble bonds of the Sacrament of Matrimony according to what Our Mother the Holy Church has ordained.

            So it is that I place this our request in your hands so that you place it in God’s and make it known to the would be betrothed, and you will respond to me with an answer to our request, or whatever to you is most convenient, I remaining your most humble servant.

That Your Hand Does Kiss

            Germán Trujillo